18 Apr 2009


It's getting really, really hot over here. Could be one of the dreaded effects of global warming. Speaking of which, what would happen if this massive problem is unresolved?
  • More rain
  • More drought
  • More floods
  • Polar caps shrink
  • Sea levels rise
  • More forest fires
  • More storms?
...and many other problems. Then are there some good things that come from global warming?
  • Sales of sunblock, umbrellas and deodorants will increase...
  • ...as well as ice cream and cold drinks
  • Maybe Snow City will get more visitors
  • Melting polar caps expose more potential trading routes
  • Winter wouldn't be that bad anymore (or would it?)
  • Jeans will be out, shorts will be in!
  • Out go the jackets, in come the T-shirts
  • No need to install water heaters (and save costs!)
  • Maybe nudist beaches will grow in popularity? (It will probably be too hot to wear anything)
  • No PE in the field, only indoors
  • Hot dogs will take on the literal meaning
  • You can cook food anywhere you want (with just a metal surface)
What else can you think of?