12 Apr 2009

Happy Easter Sunday!

...but what is Easter all about? No point celebrating it if you don't know the reason behind this religious day.

According to Christian scripture, Easter Sunday was the day Jesus resurrected 3 days after being crucified, and 2 days after Good Friday. This day isn't fixed on our calendar today, but it still falls between March and April.

The eggs used were originally brought to the table and coloured red. It could symbolise the Easter Joy, or the "new creation of mankind by the resurrected Jesus", depending on the religion. Nowadays the eggs come in all sorts of designs and are hidden in bushes instead by the "Easter Bunny". (The bunny is also a symbol of fertility in Paganism)

Actually, people didn't just look for eggs on that day; in some countries they also played handball and other sports after the 40-day fast known as Lent. (Do they still fast today?) Or they may light up the Easter Fire at the top of the mountains, which can signify the victory of spring over winter.

Easter egg hunts don't always have to involve real Easter eggs; virtual Easter eggs usually refer to a hidden feature/in-joke/message in a movie/game/book/software/web page/CD etc.

For example, try typing in "the answer to life, the universe and everything" into Google and you should get a calculator result. (You need to know the story of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" to understand the joke) You could also try "once in a blue moon".

Or in Photoshop CS4, hold down "ctrl" and go to Help-About Photoshop. The appearance will change.

There are many more like these, some yet to be discovered. You can go to Egg Haven for a big list of these Easter eggs.

(Another site to try: The Easter Egg Archive)