24 Apr 2009

Teachers (and Students)

Sure, the teachers in your classroom are meant to guide the students on their right paths, but sometimes their behaviour may not be, well, a nice example. Teachers, don't take it more as an insult, but more of a guideline.

Students, do you hate it / find it annoying / think it's weird when teachers...

18 Apr 2009


It's getting really, really hot over here. Could be one of the dreaded effects of global warming. Speaking of which, what would happen if this massive problem is unresolved?
  • More rain
  • More drought
  • More floods
  • Polar caps shrink
  • Sea levels rise
  • More forest fires
  • More storms?
...and many other problems. Then are there some good things that come from global warming?

12 Apr 2009

Happy Easter Sunday!

...but what is Easter all about? No point celebrating it if you don't know the reason behind this religious day.

According to Christian scripture, Easter Sunday was the day Jesus resurrected 3 days after being crucified, and 2 days after Good Friday. This day isn't fixed on our calendar today, but it still falls between March and April.

The eggs used were originally brought to the table and coloured red. It could symbolise the Easter Joy, or the "new creation of mankind by the resurrected Jesus", depending on the religion. Nowadays the eggs come in all sorts of designs and are hidden in bushes instead by the "Easter Bunny". (The bunny is also a symbol of fertility in Paganism)

4 Apr 2009

The Darwin Awards

I just bought a book from The Darwin Awards series at a book sale. They really had old stuff; MAD magazines, Superman comics etc.

Anyway, ever heard of The Darwin Awards? It's basically a collection of stories on stupid/funny/weird deaths (and in rare cases, self-sterilization). Why is it named after Charles Darwin? He proposed the theory of "Survival of the Fittest", and all the people mentioned are somewhat contributing to that by not passing on their "stupid" genes...

(Fortunately or unfortunately, some people mentioned only got a "near miss")

Here are some stories found on their website: