28 Mar 2009

Earth Hour

Tonight's the night when everybody switches off for one hour, just to let Gaia rest a while. But will people really join in?

Later on, in my country, there would be an Earth Hour concert an hour before the great blackout. However, when it gets dark, they would use candles to illuminate the surroundings. Sure, turning off the lights means less electricity consumption, which means less fossil fuels being used. However, wouldn't using lit candles mean producing more carbon dioxide/monoxide and smoke, which would pollute the environment anyway?

By the way, the concert is held at an outdoor park. So no need to worry about curtains catching fire. Or sprinklers going off.

Since my family wouldn't be able to do much during that dark hour, we might as well go to the free concert. Don't know what they would play though. Maybe Dancing In The Moonlight(probably the version by Toploader)? Or maybe Blackout by Muse?

How about We Are The World, to remind everybody that we're doing this to save Earth? Light On by David Cook is possible, since everybody would be bathing in the light emitting from the candles. Or it could just highlight the irony that all the lights are switched off. However, it's too late for them to use these ideas because they already planned out their concert programme.

Actually, this isn't the first Earth Hour. This idea was already practised by other countries years ago. Singapore only decided to join in this year, to show our concern for the pressing issue of global warming.

So let's show our concern as well. Switch off when you need to. I'm not sure when because it's different for the different time zones.

Then you can see where the ignorant/apathetic people live. :P