12 Mar 2009


Finally! A week-long break! The first school term really passed by super fast! And our principal has declared tomorrow a day off, which means a longer holiday. (Even if it's just 1 day longer)

I think--no, I know I did badly in some exams. At least not up to my expectations. But then again my expectations pretty much match those of most of my classmates.

Also, Reflexive Arcade finally presented their sequel, Music Catch 2! And I can embed it on my blog to fill up that empty space. Now it has more songs and new ways of play, and you can even use online MP3s for your songs! Some URLs don't work, though...

For those of you who haven't heard of this game, basically you use your cursor to catch moving shapes that somewhat appear in time with the music. Yellow shapes increase your multiplier by X1, while red shapes will decrease your multiplier by a significant amount. Not sure how much though. Purple shapes, when caught, will make all harmless shapes fly to your cursor for a limited time, increasing your score by a massive amount.

The best way to know what the game is like is to play it yourself, so try it out!