22 Mar 2009

Another year of humanity

Happy birthday to me (X4)

There. I've sung the song.

It seems that the older I get, the less exciting and fun birthdays get. Maybe because you know what to expect already. The cake, song, red packets, presents etc. will always be there. Also, you slowly run out of things to wish for, which happened in my case.

We celebrated my birthday last night because my actual birthday is tomorrow, a Monday. (Of all days in the week...) I was still wondering what to wish for when the song finished. My family members always liked to sing in English, then in Mandarin. They just liked it that way. Or maybe they wanted the sensation to last a bit longer...

After "1..2..3!", I just simply blew out the candles for the sake of it. Maybe I could have just wished that the candles would go out the first time. That wish would come true very easily.

I could have wished for things like good health, good grades, etc. but I've attempted that a few times. I didn't feel like asking for the same things again.

Next year I better have a clear idea of what to wish for...