24 Mar 2009

Another news flash!

Turns out the [title] blog, used for expository writing, will be used as my English portfolio. I better be careful of what to write there. Also the class was told that there will be a wiki-blog set up, to use for class discussions of selected topics.

To gear up for this, I'll be looking another article for other people's opinions, this time from the Stomp Singapore portal: (link)

Teacher-to-be and bf order drinks at bar, leaves and gives us the bill!

Is this what our future educators are going to be, wonders a STOMPer, who was so furious that this happened that he lodged a police report.

The STOMPer had attached the reports to his email to STOMP about the incident, which allegedly took place on Feb 28 this year, where he met up with a friend he made via Facebook, and was made to pick up the tab after his 'friend' disappeared.

He said, in his police report:

"I was at the Long Bar on Feb 28 and had a drink with Y, together with four of her friends whom I have not met before.

"There were three males and two females."

According to the STOMPer, there already were several drinks on the table which his friend's party ordered before his arrival. The bill, he said, came up to $213.05.

He added that he had no idea who ordered the drinks, and said the group was there chatting.

"After 20 minutes two of the girls left. They claimed they wanted to go to the toilet. After five minutes I went outside the pub to answer a call.

"When I returned I only saw a guy, who I believe is Y's boyfriend. The other two males had gone to grab some food. After a while, the guy left and claimed that he had a call.

"As such, I messaged Y asking where she was and she said she was at East Shore Hospital as her friend was unwell.

"I waited for about half an hour but no one came back. I then met up with the management to settle the payment. Y claims that one of her male friends is a regular customer of the pub but when I checked with the staff, they said they had no idea who these are.

"I tried to call Y several times but to no avail."

The STOMPer told STOMP he had contacted the NIE about this issue, and added:

"This the future of our future educators? We have already informed NIE and told them we will be exposing Y in the media if it's our last resort.

"I appreciate the fact that they have contacted her to advise her to settle this matter ASAP, but I'm sure there's more they can do. After all, this concerns the reputation of NIE and our future educators, no less."

This is one of the reason why I don't add somebody whom I've never met before as my Facebook friend, let alone arrange to have drinks with that person. What drinks did they order that amounted to $213.05?

Looked at some of the comments:

bruce_lhk said on 24 Mar, 2009

being made a fool by a gal but want NIE to be responsible? Moron!

That's what I thought too, minus the "moron" part.


Oktoberr said on 24 Mar, 2009

Horny piece of crap Stomper, you obviously just wanted to bed her. Then you discovered she was already attached so your hopes were sort of dashed.

You probably expected that you could have some fun with your hot girl from Facebook but in the end you spent your money but got nothing in return, but still feeling horny and additionally frustrated now.

So you're just trying to have your revenge here and at NIE or anyway you can.

Does he have experience? Or know someone who experienced this before? This theory never crossed my mind before.


quietriot said on 24 Mar, 2009

boy browse facebook - boy sees girl - boy like girl - boy adds girl - boy ask girl out - girl friend sick - girl accompany friend - boy willing to wait - boy then finds out girl aldy hv boy - to add salt to injury girl leaves bill for boy to foot - boy sad - boy frus - boy angry - boy humilated - boy stomp - the end

Nice summary. Shows that you don't really care much about his situation...


oaishiuh said on 24 Mar, 2009
totally agree with peacekeeper:
How do you know that Y is a teacher-to-be in the first place? Through Facebook, an online portal where information can be fake?
Y might not even be her real name.

Yeah she would probably make up her background information on her profile. And of course Y isn't her real name, they haven't exposed her real identity to the media yet!


Oh well, most people thought that the poor Stomper deserved it for trusting someone whom he only knew online. And some thought that he could have ended up in worse situations. They can't seem to agree on whether it's appropriate to contact NIE on this issue...

Sigh, tomorrow's another long day. I'm only into the first week of Term 2 and I'm already craving for the weekends, if not for the holidays... :(