28 Mar 2009

Earth Hour

Tonight's the night when everybody switches off for one hour, just to let Gaia rest a while. But will people really join in?

Later on, in my country, there would be an Earth Hour concert an hour before the great blackout. However, when it gets dark, they would use candles to illuminate the surroundings. Sure, turning off the lights means less electricity consumption, which means less fossil fuels being used. However, wouldn't using lit candles mean producing more carbon dioxide/monoxide and smoke, which would pollute the environment anyway?

24 Mar 2009

Another news flash!

Turns out the [title] blog, used for expository writing, will be used as my English portfolio. I better be careful of what to write there. Also the class was told that there will be a wiki-blog set up, to use for class discussions of selected topics.

To gear up for this, I'll be looking another article for other people's opinions, this time from the Stomp Singapore portal: (link)

22 Mar 2009

Another year of humanity

Happy birthday to me (X4)

There. I've sung the song.

It seems that the older I get, the less exciting and fun birthdays get. Maybe because you know what to expect already. The cake, song, red packets, presents etc. will always be there. Also, you slowly run out of things to wish for, which happened in my case.

We celebrated my birthday last night because my actual birthday is tomorrow, a Monday. (Of all days in the week...) I was still wondering what to wish for when the song finished. My family members always liked to sing in English, then in Mandarin. They just liked it that way. Or maybe they wanted the sensation to last a bit longer...

19 Mar 2009


Weird. Out of the blue we're tasked to create a blog for our next English topic, expository writing. Why a blog? Do they think that putting us in our so-called element will help us learn better? This is what the teacher(no need to mention who) put:

12 Mar 2009

Past Entry 2

12 Dec 2009, around 11pm

Well at least this entry is a bit further ahead into the future than my first one.

On this day, I'm watching Miss World 2009 live tonight. One important point: Miss World is different from Miss Universe, which means this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RIS LOW. Anyway, this pageant is held in Johannesburg, and the intro was quite energetic. Hmm, I'm not sure what Miss Singapore World's national costume's like, if there's any.

Hang on, now there's this event called Dances of the World; it DOES show off all the national costumes! And it looks pretty lively too! However, I have absolutely no idea what Miss Singapore World would dance or wear now, but I don't think everybody might dance anyway. Miss Japan looks like the most delicate dance, with one of the biggest dresses worn. Others' dances were quite lively! At least this made the national costume showcase livelier...


Finally! A week-long break! The first school term really passed by super fast! And our principal has declared tomorrow a day off, which means a longer holiday. (Even if it's just 1 day longer)

I think--no, I know I did badly in some exams. At least not up to my expectations. But then again my expectations pretty much match those of most of my classmates.

Also, Reflexive Arcade finally presented their sequel, Music Catch 2! And I can embed it on my blog to fill up that empty space. Now it has more songs and new ways of play, and you can even use online MP3s for your songs! Some URLs don't work, though...

7 Mar 2009


...but I might not be posting as regularly. Maybe not even posting for quite a while. Especially when I have exams in a few days.

That's all...