20 Feb 2009

Time Travel

It seems that 2 months have already passed by, and at a faster rate than the last two years. Either the Earth is suddenly spinning faster, or I haven't been doing much during that time. Soon, more exams will start flooding our schedule, and my planner would be drowned in ink(not really, I hardly use the daily planner that the school gives yearly).

Once again, another break interval has approached; due to staff training on Monday and Tuesday, I get a 4-day weekend(excluding today)! However, the school has once again come prepared with uploaded homework on the online portal. At least I already finished homework for one subject already!

Today, my brother bought a Yamaha keyboard, but I'm not sure exactly which model it is. It comes with the Cubase AI4 software, but it seems that it can't be activated online yet, so we can't use it at all. I'll remind him to check again tomorrow.

Anyway, the arrival of the keyboard and software means that I can use it for my MEP recording projects! Maybe even the RE project, but I'm not sure if the school already set aside a recording facility.

Oh well, guess my brother and I will have to wait a bit longer before we can try the software out.


*A few months ago, I applied for the free upgrade to Adobe CS4, although it was a few days before the deadline. I already faxed and emailed the form, but haven't received anything so far. And yet today in school there was already an Adobe CS4 roadshow where the students can directly collect the software!

To those who applied for the free upgrade too, did you get anything yet? If so, then something definitely went wrong with the processing of our request. If not, then it's even worse. Better ask my father to contact them tomorrow too...