12 Feb 2009


It seems that I haven't been getting much homework lately. Most of the homework's usually Chinese homework too. Has the school slackened the workload? Or is this the calm before the storm?

My group's finally had our first project meeting, because our teacher-mentor was on course last week. We managed to craft our survey and get the required materials, so everything is going okay so far. Compared to last year... >< As for my new class, I think we're getting together a bit better. Maybe not like sworn brothers yet, but at least I'm more familiar with some people. The class is still hectic at some times, but probably not like last year's class.
Speaking of which, my class blog seems to exhibit some symptoms of dying. Probably because of Facebook or school. Maybe you could check it out and maybe comment on something. That should revive it a bit.

Back to my new class. Maybe because our class is small(only 25), lessons seem to move a bit faster than other classes. Unless we completely miss the lessons. Teachers also can pay more attention to each individual, but I'm not sure if it's more of a bad thing than it is good.

A small class also means we can move a bit faster in excursions/field trips. Or when we have to move to a different place for the assembly programme. Head counts will be shorter too.

Another good/bad thing is that for things like oral tests, students are usually called out one by one in register order. Having only 25 students in my class, that means a shorter waiting time for most of us. (It doesn't affect me, as I'm still no. 2... :[ ) On the bright side, it means that all the students can finish the test quickly!

Right now, I'm still trying to get along with my new classmates. Hopefully things will improve even more... :)