7 Feb 2009


Do you suffer from melanophobia?  Or maybe leukophobia? If so, you wouldn’t want to visit this blog! If you don’t know what all of that means, melanophobia is the fear of the colour black, while leukophobia is the fear of the colour white.

If you suffer from cyberphobia, you wouldn’t even be surfing the internet, let alone look at this blog, because that’s the fear of computers or working on one.

Why not tell your teacher that you’re diagnosed with didaskaleinophobia? That’s the fear of going to school, so maybe you’ll get sent to the psychiatrist instead!

Here are some other phobias listed below:

Fear of insanity (wouldn't thinking about insanity make you go insane?)
Fear of blood (will not become a surgeon)
Fear of garlic (Dracula probably suffers from this)
Fear or hatred of music (the complete opposite of me)
Fear of parents-in-law (seems common)
Fear of light (no flash photography!)
Fear of long words (you're probably freaking out right now)

A very, very long list of phobias is available here. Go check it out! ;)