28 Feb 2009

News Flash

I snooped around the Straits Times online portal today. At least it would help me in my social studies. Then I saw the full article of one of the most talked about events here. (link)

20 Feb 2009

Time Travel

It seems that 2 months have already passed by, and at a faster rate than the last two years. Either the Earth is suddenly spinning faster, or I haven't been doing much during that time. Soon, more exams will start flooding our schedule, and my planner would be drowned in ink(not really, I hardly use the daily planner that the school gives yearly).

Once again, another break interval has approached; due to staff training on Monday and Tuesday, I get a 4-day weekend(excluding today)! However, the school has once again come prepared with uploaded homework on the online portal. At least I already finished homework for one subject already!

14 Feb 2009

What day is it?

Let's keep this short and simple.

Happy Valentine's day! :D

If you've completely forgotten to make reservations at a restaurant or buy chocolates for your loved one, do it now!

Valentine's day isn't just for people looking for love; this is also a chance to test how faithful a couple is. So watch out! ;)

12 Feb 2009


It seems that I haven't been getting much homework lately. Most of the homework's usually Chinese homework too. Has the school slackened the workload? Or is this the calm before the storm?

My group's finally had our first project meeting, because our teacher-mentor was on course last week. We managed to craft our survey and get the required materials, so everything is going okay so far. Compared to last year... >< As for my new class, I think we're getting together a bit better. Maybe not like sworn brothers yet, but at least I'm more familiar with some people. The class is still hectic at some times, but probably not like last year's class.

7 Feb 2009


Do you suffer from melanophobia?  Or maybe leukophobia? If so, you wouldn’t want to visit this blog! If you don’t know what all of that means, melanophobia is the fear of the colour black, while leukophobia is the fear of the colour white.

If you suffer from cyberphobia, you wouldn’t even be surfing the internet, let alone look at this blog, because that’s the fear of computers or working on one.

Why not tell your teacher that you’re diagnosed with didaskaleinophobia? That’s the fear of going to school, so maybe you’ll get sent to the psychiatrist instead!

Here are some other phobias listed below: