15 Jan 2009

Winds of Change

Sorry for the long absence. Quite a busy week this week...

It's been very windy these days. And I mean very windy! Flowerpots toppled over, worksheets flew away, and upright bottles rolled off the table. Well, at least this bizarre weather helps cool down the outdoor temperature without getting anything wet.

Monday saw Chinese as the first period of the day. What a way to add on to the Monday Blues. I passed up my book review already, even though the teacher kindly extended the deadline to today.

Tuesday was a bit more relaxed. Had some fun at MEP. Then when my father picked me up, I suddenly found out that we were having a grand dinner later. Let's just say it's a way of celebrating my cousin's good "O" level results.

Yesterday was even busier. I went for tuition right after CCA. At the end it was already 9. I quickly finished my homework, and was in the middle of checking my stuff when my brother suddenly asked me to help him come up with some piano accompaniment for his song. I worked all the way until 11 when my parents wanted me to go to bed.

At least I worked with American Idol on. Bikini Lady's got quite an attitude.

Just one more day and the weekend's here...