1 Jan 2009

New Year's Here!

Well, here it is: this year's first post on this blog! I might post another post later this afternoon. That's when I usually collect my thoughts and sort them out properly.

New Year parties can do wonders: you can stay awake all night without feeling any fatigue(and you'll get away with it), and you'll forget everything around you, except the party of course. Too bad I didn't go to any party; they are always too packed. I'd rather watch the action on TV than be smothered by the crowds.

You know, it's still 12 more hours before USA gets their turn to set off the pyrotechnics. If only I can teleport over there right now; I'll be able to have 2 New Year's Eve celebrations!

Tomorrow many students will go back to school, groaning about why they can't stay at home for just one more day, if not another week. And maybe in my school, a teacher will come back up and use the same "clean slate" analogy. Supposedly works all the time.

Hang on, my family wants to go out for a Prata break. Hey, we might as well have the first supper of 2009! :)


Hmm, it's 1.30 am already? That's quite a long break! The Prata house was packed, and it took a while before we found an available table...

I think I better continue later on today. Someone will definitely tell me off for not going to bed quickly. Too bad that I have to miss Volcano High... (Just because someone is sleepy doesn't mean everyone else must join in)