1 Jan 2009

New Year's Here! (cont.)

Wow, I actually woke up at 8am. Quite early considering that I slept at around 2am. But I still laid in bed for quite a while...

Right now, my brother's decluttering the house. Gives enough room for a fresh start for 2009. I also just packed my school bag so that I won't look like an idiot tomorrow.

Looks like there's a few more minutes before 2009 covers the entire United States. I really wish I were there right now to celebrate. And I would be able to party throughout the night because of my different sleep cycle.

On Monday, most RI students will depart for the nightmare -- I mean, adventure of a lifetime: OBS. However, something happened yesterday: the OBS staff said they refuse to accept any students who have had fractures, which means I wouldn't have to go! :D
They have already informed the year head, but I didn't get any confirmation from him yet...

Being excused from OBS still doesn't mean being excused from school; I'll still need to come back to school, but I have no clue what I'll do while the majority of the secondary 3 students are "having a blast" at Pulau Ubin. Maybe I'll end up cleaning canteen tables, or keeping an eye on the new secondary 1 students, or just sorting out paperwork at the teachers' office. All seem possible to me.

In the end, I bought all the camping necessities and end up having to leave them at some dark corner to collect dust. And I probably won't need them for a long time.

Now before I finish...


Oh yeah, the answer to the previous riddle was "smile".