18 Jan 2009

More Festivities

I’m trying out Windows Live Writer for this post today. So far it seems pretty good. Except that I have to add in some html tags manually. It lets you preview how your post would look like on the homepage accurately. For now at least.

Chinese(or Lunar) New Year’s arriving in about a week. However, due to the weekend before that, and the early dismissal of school on Friday, I’ll say we have four and a half days before we can celebrate.

As always, the children will give oranges to the ancestors, who will reply with a nice red packet or two filled with money. Due to the ongoing recession, the amount of money inside might be less this year. Steamboat reunion dinners might not be as common a sight also.

At least this time you don’t get any Monday blues, simply because Monday’s a holiday! Unless you’re on the other side of the world where the holiday’s not good enough to be declared public.

Darn, my keyboard’s screwing up my typing. It’s eating up so many of the letters that I type, so my progress has slowed down quite a bit.

Actually, the new year’s not the only thing my family’s anticipating this weekend. One of my cousin’s getting married this coming Saturday, and I’ve really never attended the wedding ceremony that often. Never been in a church or at the ROM to catch the excitement.

Remember I mentioned in a previous post that I have been practising my violin for some “special event”? Well, this is the event I’m talking about. The couple wanted some live music as the bride walked down the aisle. Naturally they roped me in, and since my other cousin(not the one getting married!) would already be playing the piano, they wished me to play the violin. They claim it would sound much nicer when the two instruments combine, but I think otherwise.

To prepare for this big day, I’ll have to practise on Wednesday night, right after CCA. Couldn’t they pick a better day? The only good thing is that I can skip my Math tuition class.

Now to see if Windows Live Writer is really effective in posting to Blogger. If not, I’ll go back to using Blogger’s own editor instead…

Yes, it works! Now I can have another method to post to my blog! :)