11 Jan 2009


Well, OBS has ended. And sorry for the late "Welcome Back!" greeting.

For a grand finale Friday actually fell flat; each watch(group) was supposed to present their flag(looked more like handkerchiefs to me) and their cheer. Too much copying and pasting going on: things like starting off with "5, 6, 7, 8", or using the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, or modifying "Everywhere we go, people want to know..." to suit the context... I wanted lunch very badly by the time the last watch finished.

After a while I got to talk to some of my previous classmates who had to endure OBS for 5 days. From the information I gathered, the poor victims had to kayak to mainland Singapore and back, cook their own food at night, sleep in tents over rocks while someone was doing sentry duty(!), and perform many other daunting tasks that left them tanned(or burned) and tired.

I really think that even if I wasn't excused due to my fracture, I'll still probably make an early exit from the camp.

There was defintely a lot of relief and joy when the camp officially ended. And year head Mr Yap made a speech. He said something about taking whatever was learnt in OBS and applying it in school. I think it's more applicable in army life than in school life; how does cooking your own food and staying awake for sentry duty help when you're in school??? (Of course I know he was talking about important life skills like leadership, perseverence, getting out of your comfort zone, etc.)

OBS can definitely make a big impact on someone's life; he would be able to expand his limits, and learn to take risks. And also learn the importance of technology.

Hopefully the survivors are rested enough to return to school tomorrow. I heard that maybe all the Sec 3s will go up onto the podium and show off our long pants. What's wrong with wearing shorts all the way? If we did it for the last 2 years, we might as well continue for the next 2 years. Besides, the long pants are really a hassle when changing in and out of PE attire. And it gets more uncomfortable on hot days, and gets wet on rainy days.

I better reread my Chinese book for the book test later. Better to refresh my memory a bit than take the exam with a blank mind...

Edit 1 May 2009 (Labour Day!):
Even now I very rarely wear long pants to school. The only occasions that I feel long pants are necessary would be the class photo shoot, or a very important and formal assembly programme. Otherwise the shorts stay on.