8 Jan 2009

Hang in there...

Right now I'm watching Don't Forget the Lyrics special, where the contestants are children. The prize money isn't proportionally downsized; the top money still remains at $500,000. The songs are also more updated, including Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time(quite a long title).

You probably already know that I'm not at OBS because of my fractured leg. If not, refer to previous post. Anyway, there have been other events planned for the group of us who got excused. And those in charge only had one day to do that! Anyway, we had a movie marathon on Monday(Ratatouille + League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + Facing the Giants, incomplete)! Hey, it's definitely better to sit in the air-con room than stand under the hot sun!

On Tuesday there was basketball, but since I couldn't play(and wouldn't anyway) due to my leg, I ended up in another group of students helping out at the Raffles Archives. Man, some of the old articles are really old. Others were a bit more recent, being just a few years old. I also found a Sec 3 Orientation Plan for 1993(or 1992?), and saw that they only had a 3-day orientation period. If only our orientation period were this long... but since I'm enjoying this anyway, I won't complain so much.

Wednesday was a trek through the Southern Ridge. We started at Harbourfront and passed through the Henderson Waves, before we ended at the Hortipark. At the start, there were so many freaking flights of stairs. My knees were aching badly, but listening to the radio did help me distract myself away from my fatigue and from the length of the path ahead of me.

Today there was a war game which fell flat for me. One moment we were in the game, next moment we were out. And we spent the rest of the time walking around. After a while we went to watch a movie. However, there wasn't any movie that we preferred, so in the end I went home early.

Tomorrow we're supposed to wait in school for the bus to fetch us to the jetty so we can make our way to OBS, just so we can join the survivors down there at the finale. Why bother? Why make us go to the finale when we missed out on almost everything that happened there? There's no point going there when we probably won't get the same emotions that the survivors will go through.

Sigh. Initially I dreaded this 5-day period. After I got excused, I happily anticipated this same period. Now I don't really want it to end, because lessons and CCAs will resume next week. That reminds me: I must remember to bring the Chinese book report on Monday, especially when Mother Tongue is first period that day!

To all those at OBS, hang in there; just one more day and you're out of there! You'll be able to embrace the wonders of technology again. I can imagine some of you kissing your handphone, leaping right in front of your computer to check your mail/facebook/blog, playing with your PSP/DS/Xbox, etc.

But then again, you'll probably hit the showers first and then hit the sack; it definitely feels good to get a good supply of heated water running down your body, or lying on your comfortable mattress instead of curling up in your sleeping bag.

Now to continue MouseHunt; I'm trying to level up as fast as possible! ;)