2 Jan 2009

Clean Slate

The first day of school seemed, well, okay. We found out who were our classmates, who were our form teachers(each class got two), etc. Orientation wasn't really that great. At least today wasn't as scary as what happened yesterday:

Once again I was at Temasek Club. It was raining a lot, and there were frequent lightning strikes. I was using the laptop then with the charger plugged in, so my mother asked, "Are you sure it's safe to use the charger?"


A powerful flash blinded me. A girl near us screamed. The charger suddenly turned off on its own. A few car alarms even got set off because of the shock waves!!!

Turns out that the very close lightning strike caused a power trip. All the fans and lights stopped operating. At least the air conditioners operate on a separate power supply. It certainly got a lot of people talking about the lightning.

Anyway back to today. Before the orientation, the secondary 3s were briefed on OBS. And it's been confirmed: I don't have to go for OBS! Yay! :D I still need to come back to school everyday throughout the five days, which isn't much of a problem to me.

And what will I do during the five days? I do know that there's movie watching, so I'm looking forward to that.

Now I can have an even happier weekend ahead for myself! :)