30 Jan 2009

Woman Hitler?

What on earth does that mean? If you have no clue, it's actually an anagram of "Mother-in-law"! Of course, this anagram has been seen many times in chain mails...

An anagram is basically a rearrangement of the letters of a word/phrase to produce a new word/phrase. Someone who makes anagrams is an anagrammatist(quite a long word to write or say out loud). The original word/phrase is the subject of the anagram.

Some examples: William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller OR I'll make a wise phrase; Astronomer = Moon starer; Funeral = Real fun; Dormitory = Dirty room, and many more others.

26 Jan 2009

Happy(?) Lunar New Year

Today's the first day of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Most people would be currently watching the lion dance performance, or receiving red packets from their elders.

I used to do that every Lunar New Year. But not this time. Because my family's still mourning the passing of my grandfather, we can't visit other people's houses or give any red packets this year. That's why today is unusually quieter for a day of celebrations.

Of course, it's definitely not dead silent. My uncles and aunts are still playing Mahjong downstairs. The fact that we're in mourning won't stop us from having fun on a day like this, even though the celebrations are toned down a lot.

23 Jan 2009


Death is never an easy topic to discuss without stepping on anyone's toes. I'll try my best to be as sensitive as possible.

Recently, a Secondary 1 student from my school died from cardiovascular failure(I think). Then, another Secondary student passed away soon after, this time from an acute form of leukemia.

In both cases, I never cried or become very disturbed by their deaths. I couldn't, because I hardly knew them at all. I didn't lose a friend, or a classmate, or a brother. I just couldn't acknowledge the loss of something I didn't have in the first place.

A few days ago, however, I started to appreciate death even more than before.

18 Jan 2009

More Festivities

I’m trying out Windows Live Writer for this post today. So far it seems pretty good. Except that I have to add in some html tags manually. It lets you preview how your post would look like on the homepage accurately. For now at least.

Chinese(or Lunar) New Year’s arriving in about a week. However, due to the weekend before that, and the early dismissal of school on Friday, I’ll say we have four and a half days before we can celebrate.

15 Jan 2009

Winds of Change

Sorry for the long absence. Quite a busy week this week...

It's been very windy these days. And I mean very windy! Flowerpots toppled over, worksheets flew away, and upright bottles rolled off the table. Well, at least this bizarre weather helps cool down the outdoor temperature without getting anything wet.

Monday saw Chinese as the first period of the day. What a way to add on to the Monday Blues. I passed up my book review already, even though the teacher kindly extended the deadline to today.

11 Jan 2009


Well, OBS has ended. And sorry for the late "Welcome Back!" greeting.

For a grand finale Friday actually fell flat; each watch(group) was supposed to present their flag(looked more like handkerchiefs to me) and their cheer. Too much copying and pasting going on: things like starting off with "5, 6, 7, 8", or using the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, or modifying "Everywhere we go, people want to know..." to suit the context... I wanted lunch very badly by the time the last watch finished.

After a while I got to talk to some of my previous classmates who had to endure OBS for 5 days. From the information I gathered, the poor victims had to kayak to mainland Singapore and back, cook their own food at night, sleep in tents over rocks while someone was doing sentry duty(!), and perform many other daunting tasks that left them tanned(or burned) and tired.

8 Jan 2009

Hang in there...

Right now I'm watching Don't Forget the Lyrics special, where the contestants are children. The prize money isn't proportionally downsized; the top money still remains at $500,000. The songs are also more updated, including Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time(quite a long title).

You probably already know that I'm not at OBS because of my fractured leg. If not, refer to previous post. Anyway, there have been other events planned for the group of us who got excused. And those in charge only had one day to do that! Anyway, we had a movie marathon on Monday(Ratatouille + League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + Facing the Giants, incomplete)! Hey, it's definitely better to sit in the air-con room than stand under the hot sun!

2 Jan 2009

Clean Slate

The first day of school seemed, well, okay. We found out who were our classmates, who were our form teachers(each class got two), etc. Orientation wasn't really that great. At least today wasn't as scary as what happened yesterday:

1 Jan 2009

New Year's Here! (cont.)

Wow, I actually woke up at 8am. Quite early considering that I slept at around 2am. But I still laid in bed for quite a while...

Right now, my brother's decluttering the house. Gives enough room for a fresh start for 2009. I also just packed my school bag so that I won't look like an idiot tomorrow.

Looks like there's a few more minutes before 2009 covers the entire United States. I really wish I were there right now to celebrate. And I would be able to party throughout the night because of my different sleep cycle.

New Year's Here!

Well, here it is: this year's first post on this blog! I might post another post later this afternoon. That's when I usually collect my thoughts and sort them out properly.

New Year parties can do wonders: you can stay awake all night without feeling any fatigue(and you'll get away with it), and you'll forget everything around you, except the party of course. Too bad I didn't go to any party; they are always too packed. I'd rather watch the action on TV than be smothered by the crowds.