31 Dec 2009

2009 + 1

Currently, Singapore is about 4.5 hours from 2010. Might still be enough time to go and search for a place to spot some fireworks clearly, maybe even hear the soft boom it will produce right after the explosion of light. I'm definitely not going anywhere out tonight, and am content with just watching the celebrations on TV. Not watching now though, Godzilla's on now. Why does the last movie on Channel 5 for 2009 have to be one that ridiculous? At least end the year with a better movie...:P

So, while waiting for the 11pm live broadcast, I'm blogging. And I'm eating M&M's, and the special orange-flavoured ones. Unsurprisingly they are only coloured orange and white. Which is why my left hand has some fingertips stained by orange food colouring. So I have to painstakingly type this post with my right hand only. I can't stand the frequent typos i keep making!!! (Now I know better what people with only one able hand have to deal with, out of the daily numerous challenges)

30 Dec 2009

The First Decade

I know that some people say the first decade of the second millennium has been quite... "colourful". This is the time when terrorism really became super serious and scary, and this was first sparked by the Twin Towers bombing in 2001. Since then, security has definitely tightened a few notches, though maybe not as strict as in that year.

Most people probably had visions of what the second millennium would be like, whether we'll have flying cars, friendly interaction with aliens, ultra-cool devices/gadgets etc. We're still kinda far off from that "futuristic" scene, but we're getting closer anyway. I'm not sure if I would get to experience and participate in the envisioned "future", but it would be so damn cool if it were possible within the century!

This decade isn't just the first 10 years of the second millennium(a bit tricky to spell), it's what I consider the first 10 years of my life. Even though I'm going on to sixteen, the earliest memory I have is one in kindergarten, in 2000. All that I remember about my life is only contained within this decade. These are the only memories I have so far, which I can depend on to remember and relearn. Hopefully in the next decade I'll get WAY MORE pleasant memories...

24 Dec 2009

Christmas or "Axe-muhs"?

One thing I've always wondered about around Christmas time is why the word Christmas is usually abbreviated to Xmas and nothing else? The common answer/theory is that the X, which looks like a cross, is supposed to signify the crucifixion/crucification/however you spell it of Jesus. It did seem to make sense at first, but then it also seemed to be a bit too simple as that to me...

Then I found another possible theory here:

21 Dec 2009

Past Entry 1

11 Dec 2009

All Past Entries will come in this format: the day I wrote this(not published) will be in bold at the top. The rest of this post shall be in italics. If you have no idea what the heck these Past Entries are about, refer to this post.

I hope nothing phenomenal happened in between this time and the time you're reading this post. I only sent it a few more days ahead, so no meteor/hurricane/earthquake/(any other natural disaster) should occur. And if the world is to end today, then the Mayans and other people who predicted this end missed it by a few years.

I also planned this post to be published the exact time I click the Publish Post button, so that when you're reading this it would be exactly 10 days from that moment. Now nothing should have changed much; this is merely a test, and I may dive further into the future next time.

19 Dec 2009


A long time ago, someone who I know read my blog posts(I didn't even know that), and said that my blog posts sound more... mature. He said that he also looked at other blogs written by others also in their teens; most of them(maybe all) just talked about stuff like school, friends, teachers, gossip etc, and actually made him feel old. Great, now I just gave a clue to his age.

Well, I do find that some posts fit into the "typical teen-like" category. Sounds a bit like this:

bleh. had a horrible day at school, damn screwed up. i ended up getting a late slip even though i'm past the gate just before the school started flag-raising. wtf?!?!? another reason why i hate these screwed-up prefects.

then later mr teng told us to separate the tables for the math test. THERE WAS A MATH TEST?!? he didn't even say a single s**t about a test!!! also the teacher kept dropping stupid remarks just cos we were "dragging the tables in a slow and noisy fashion". he even threatened to start the time regardless of whether we're ready or not. this is why i hate maths... >:(

11 Dec 2009

Time Capsule (START)

I suddenly had this idea today: since Blogger can schedule posts to come out at a specified date and time, maybe I could start out a "time capsule" in my blog! I could write about my current situation and only publish them in the future, perhaps letting you the audience, as well as I, be better able to remember the past, or see how the past is different/similar to the future.

Perhaps I should start one now, after finishing this post first...

The real time capsules we often refer to are those containers full of stuff in the current time period, meant to be secured and later retrieved in the future, maybe 20 years, even 100 or more. Some time capsules get buried underground, others are sealed in an indoor space. Choosing the stuff to be stored is crucial, as they relay as much information as possible about our time to those in the future. Candy wrappers and shoes may not be as useful as a diary or a video clip.

6 Dec 2009


I'm downstairs right now on my couch, waiting for the ads on the TV to finish. Watching FlashForward now, and if time and my family permit, Heroes. Last time I checked the charity show on channel 8, they've collected about $1.6 million; can they go for $1.8 million?

Oh look, FlashForward's back! I'll stop for a while...

Hmm, in the middle of the show, one character talked about a scientist's "alternate worlds" theory: for every decision we make, the impact of the other choice(s) we didn't pick would be reflected in the alternate worlds which we live in. For example, since I learn the piano, there may be an alternate version of myself in another world who didn't pick it up, and may be living a completely different life than mine. Quite an interesting theory, and I actually thought of such a thing before. If only I could find a way to travel through all the different worlds...

Hang on, Heroes just started. Will continue... (sorry for the interruptions)

3 Dec 2009

Commercial Break!

Whoops! Sorry that I haven't posted for a long time! :P I was preparing for my piano diploma exam yesterday, which was freaking early in the morning...

...If you're wondering why I'm taking another diploma exam when I've already finished one long ago, it's because this is a different level of diploma: the one I took yesterday is harder than the previous one...

At least now I only have holiday homework left. Then again, I shouldn't be using the word "only"; even for just one subject, my Chinese homework is still quite a lot! I know that there are probably dozens who also have yet to attempt to complete any assignment either, but some are worse off in that they get homework from every single subject! :(

Anyway, I have just one month left to relax and enjoy freedom. Maybe long ago I would have said "still one month left", but time doesn't just fly, it pilots a fighter jet. Even though I don't here a sonic boom at all.

Right now I've been looking at various videos on YouTube. Each time I always look for videos of a particular topic, and today I've been watching lots of funny commercials. I should post them down here:

7 Nov 2009

Wrap Up

That's what the school did to the year of 2009. Not with wrapping paper, but with speeches and other final notes. Probably just as effective anyway.

2nd Last Day

Due to the horrible weather that day, the planned inter-class basketball competition got cancelled and we watched a movie instead. Which makes me kind of think that the weather wasn't that horrible...

The entire secondary 3 batch was split into three groups, each getting to watch a different movie in a different lecture theatre(finally used as a different kind of theatre). I ended up watching Life Is Beautiful (La vita รจ bella), a 1997 Italian film set around WWII. It shows in the first part how the narrator Joshua's parents, Guido and Dora, met, through the many clever tricks Guido employed. Everyone laughed in the theatre when his tricks worked. Also, Guido works as a waiter, and has a friend/doctor, who is obsessed with riddles(which are actually quite tricky).

31 Oct 2009


It's really one heck of a storm I've experienced so far in just the last few days. Probably as scary as Halloween...

Yesterday I was staying back for my CCA. Normally my CCA (guitar ensemble) required me to just come on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I ended up in the main ensemble now that the secondary 4 students are about to leave. I cannot really call this a promotion because first, ALL MEMBERS will end up in the main ensemble eventually, and second, I never did anything especially outstanding that would get anybody's special attention to refer me to the main ensemble anyway. Anyway now that I'm in the main ensemble I have a three-day schedule that partially messes my life up.

Around the time when the conductor first got everybody to play, thunder exploded right outside the room. By the way, the room is quite small and air-conditioned, with unidentifiable patches on the floor. There are windows too, so I could see the havoc occurring outside right after we finished:

23 Oct 2009


...my school exams are OVER!!! XD

It feels so good to type that(maybe not like shouting it out in a classroom full of enthusiastic students, but the significance is still there), and it's also nice to have my new toilets + piano room!

Well, actually the toilets and piano room were done a few weeks ago, but didn't go around announcing it at that time, due to the exam period. Now the toilets look much more updated and more vibrant, and we even have a glass door! The piano room is also nice, also with sliding doors, but it is really hot and stuffy in there! (quite inevitable since it's a small space) The sound insulation took quite a lot of effort to get it right, but at least now it sounds better than without the insulation at all... the echo from the piano just bounces off everywhere and lingers for at least 3 seconds!

Speaking about piano, I still have one more exam to go through in December(?), and hopefully can do better than last time, especially since they raised the standards recently...

26 Sep 2009


Oh my god. It's been edges since I last posted! This blog really gathered up quite a bit of online dust and is nearly going stale.

But not even half as dusty as my house right now.

Currently my house is undergoing renovation works, specifically the bathrooms and a new future piano room! We can't use the showers, so we all have to bathe downstairs with a pail of water. In other words we go back to the kampong lifestyle. I also can't use the computer room near one of the bathrooms because of all the dust and moving of stuff.

16 Aug 2009



8 Aug 2009


Singapore's going to celebrate her 44th year of independence tommorow. I don't call it a birthday because she existed a few hundred years ago, and didn't just suddenly materialise out of thin air in 1965! Still, our progress was rapid, and we didn't give up.

Want to know a little more about Singapore?(especially foreigners) Here's some essential knowledge about Singapore, which might come in handy when you come to this island:

2 Aug 2009

Magic, part 2

Well, this is one of the few promises I keep on this blog. Wouldn't want to talk about the wedding I went to last night because many many others would do the same anyway, nothing new...

I'll continue on modern magic. And I'll use the same amateurish source, because I'm lazy to find another one.


Around the fourth century, magicians were thought to be evil and devil worshippers, and were turned against by Christians. In the Middle Age, magicians were even imprisoned and executed, just like witches. It took about 1200 years before they re-emerged as illusionists, performing tricks without any supernatural powers whatsoever. Eventually, they became entertainers too.

25 Jul 2009


Tonight I went to watch Half-Blood Prince(finally!): it was quite thrilling and sometimes humorous too. Now The Illusionist is showing on TV. Which is why I decided that as the topic.

Definition of magic: any art that invokes supernatural powers. Or as I prefer to think, any kind of phenomena that currently cannot be explained logically. We see it almost everywhere: children's birthday parties, witchcraft, etc, and became a subject in stories like Harry Potter. However, how did magic first come about?

19 Jul 2009


Since Half-blood Prince is showing in cinemas now, and Goblet of Fire is on TV too, I thought of sharing some bits of trivia on this series.

If you were still trying to guess, the above names are part of the Harry Potter Series, in case the post title still didn't give a big enough hint...

12 Jul 2009


...can't make a post with sufficient length. Can't think of anything before I go to bed.

I somewhat dread the next week... :|

5 Jul 2009

War Of The Worlds

Currently watching the TV premiere of War Of The Worlds now. Very thrilling and exciting!

Basically, a storm comes and there are lots of freaky lightning flashes, then all electrical appliances stop working, and alien robots get activated underneath and wreck havoc in the area. Soon, more robots destroy more parts of the world with their deadly(but super cool) death ray(turns everybody into dust - without destroying anything on them!)

28 Jun 2009


Last day of school.

Dreadful or exciting?

I still wish the school will announce its closure like on the radio or on the news...

And now it's raining. Just adds on to the mood...

The only good thing is there's no CCA for now. Which means shorter school days.

I have this indescribable feeling now...

25 Jun 2009

Da Vinci

Well I went to the Da Vinci exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre today. Kinda interesting examining all his artworks and inventions, as well as his sketches of machines and human anatomy.

They also had one big area dedicated to one of his most famous works, Mona Lisa. Someone actually used a multi-spectral camera with a super high resolution to take pictures of the painting, allowing the "invisible colours"(e.g. infra-red spectrum) to be seen, and even revealing hidden details, like a painted-over finger.

Also, the painting had been treated with varnish. The varnish deteriorated over the years, thus causing the original colours to appear different and make the painting look like what it is now. After having digitally removed the varnish layer, experts managed to reproduce Mona Lisa in her true colours(nice pun?). Instead of everything looking yellowish and dull, more vibrant colours are seen.

17 Jun 2009

100th post (and important notice)

Not such a good way to use up my 100th post, but never mind. I just need to say that I'll be away on holiday in Malaysia from tomorrow onwards, so I probably won't be spending as much time on the computer, if at all.

At least Malaysia doesn't have H1N1, but that may mean a lot more people would go there too...

Oh, and spend the rest of the school holidays properly! Finish up all urgent and important matters, then go and relax!


8 Jun 2009

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

Another game featured on the blog! I didn't bother to put it up as the main game of the blog, because it has morbid content.

Karoshi in Japanese literally means "death from overwork", hence is a term for occupational sudden death. And that's what the game is mainly about. Basically, you play a worker who's objective is to, well, die, unlike most puzzle games.

Simple and morbid as it sounds, there are hidden tricks/glitches in almost every level. This is really one of the very rare games that make your own death look fun and satisfying!

Try out the game, if you dare...

There is also a sequel: Super Karoshi

7 Jun 2009


Sheesh. All Sec 3s have to participate in the Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010 competition. We all have to write a short story between 500-800 words, "describing the nature of individual love and passion for sport(s) including values such as friendship, the will to go the extra mile, honesty, fair play, hard work, respect for everyone regardless of differences etc. They can share their dreams, true feelings, joys, frustrations or special memories they may have about sports through the medium of the short story."

This is particularly tricky for me, when I hardly play sports at all! I don't really like sports that much, but I can't change the theme, especially since the 30 winning stories will be "published in a book, which will be used to promote the awareness of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games to all 3,600 participants and the winners of the Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010."

You know what the top 5 prizes are?

30 May 2009

A Year On (and a bit more)

About a year ago(I missed it by 12 days!) I started this blog, simply because I was too bored staying at home all day with my leg still in my cast. I fell down the stairs in such a hurry running down the stairs, and I got a hairline fracture.

Even though the first post was quite short, it started something new for me. I got the chance to "voice" more opinions on my own, and I sort of improved my vocabulary.(And my coding skills...?)

Now, I'm in the same spot, without a cast, and having a nice bottle of Pepsi.(Sorry Coca-Cola fans.) My blog had evolved quite a bit compared to when it started, but the black and white theme sticked. Why black and white?

24 May 2009


I've gone through almost all of the games in Rhythm Heaven already! Once I got a "Superb" rating in all 50 mini-games, the "Perfect"s just kept coming since there's nothing else left to accomplish...

Anyway, SAF is back again! Not Singapore Armed Forces, but the Singapore Arts Festival! This year, the annual series is held from 15 May to 14 June, which is a good time as people can relax either during or after the period of chaos(exams, projects etc.) It's too bad I missed the opening act (Helios) last week because I had an exam a few days later... :(

16 May 2009

Rhythm Heaven!

I've only seen people upload videos of them playing this game, but I only realized how fun this is when I tried it myself(and my brother too)!

Rhythm Heaven is a game heavily dependent on your sense of rhythm, as the name suggests. You use the stylus to perform different tasks on the screen(mainly tapping and flicking) according to the rhythm.

However, sometimes the rhythm shifts by getting faster, or emphasizing on a different beat etc, which can mess up your timing! Also, for every few tasks completed, you will have to complete a "remix", which includes bits of everything you have learnt from each game so far!

10 May 2009

Words of Wisdom?

(Why give a word to the wise when it's the dumber people who need it more?)

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at each other...or walk in their houses without clothes on.

Many hands make light work...and more cross-contamination.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a durian a day keeps everyone away!

Don't judge a book by its cover...but by its reviews.

A journey of a thousand miles...begins with the route planning!

3 May 2009

Short Circuit

A long time ago, I put this game on my blog. Because I found it somewhat annoying to hear the Armour Games intro sound, I removed it.

Now, it's back, in the form of this post, because I still want people to know about this game. And that I can't think of anything to write about today. Except a review on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I'm lazy.

24 Apr 2009

Teachers (and Students)

Sure, the teachers in your classroom are meant to guide the students on their right paths, but sometimes their behaviour may not be, well, a nice example. Teachers, don't take it more as an insult, but more of a guideline.

Students, do you hate it / find it annoying / think it's weird when teachers...

18 Apr 2009


It's getting really, really hot over here. Could be one of the dreaded effects of global warming. Speaking of which, what would happen if this massive problem is unresolved?
  • More rain
  • More drought
  • More floods
  • Polar caps shrink
  • Sea levels rise
  • More forest fires
  • More storms?
...and many other problems. Then are there some good things that come from global warming?

12 Apr 2009

Happy Easter Sunday!

...but what is Easter all about? No point celebrating it if you don't know the reason behind this religious day.

According to Christian scripture, Easter Sunday was the day Jesus resurrected 3 days after being crucified, and 2 days after Good Friday. This day isn't fixed on our calendar today, but it still falls between March and April.

The eggs used were originally brought to the table and coloured red. It could symbolise the Easter Joy, or the "new creation of mankind by the resurrected Jesus", depending on the religion. Nowadays the eggs come in all sorts of designs and are hidden in bushes instead by the "Easter Bunny". (The bunny is also a symbol of fertility in Paganism)

4 Apr 2009

The Darwin Awards

I just bought a book from The Darwin Awards series at a book sale. They really had old stuff; MAD magazines, Superman comics etc.

Anyway, ever heard of The Darwin Awards? It's basically a collection of stories on stupid/funny/weird deaths (and in rare cases, self-sterilization). Why is it named after Charles Darwin? He proposed the theory of "Survival of the Fittest", and all the people mentioned are somewhat contributing to that by not passing on their "stupid" genes...

(Fortunately or unfortunately, some people mentioned only got a "near miss")

Here are some stories found on their website:

28 Mar 2009

Earth Hour

Tonight's the night when everybody switches off for one hour, just to let Gaia rest a while. But will people really join in?

Later on, in my country, there would be an Earth Hour concert an hour before the great blackout. However, when it gets dark, they would use candles to illuminate the surroundings. Sure, turning off the lights means less electricity consumption, which means less fossil fuels being used. However, wouldn't using lit candles mean producing more carbon dioxide/monoxide and smoke, which would pollute the environment anyway?

24 Mar 2009

Another news flash!

Turns out the [title] blog, used for expository writing, will be used as my English portfolio. I better be careful of what to write there. Also the class was told that there will be a wiki-blog set up, to use for class discussions of selected topics.

To gear up for this, I'll be looking another article for other people's opinions, this time from the Stomp Singapore portal: (link)

22 Mar 2009

Another year of humanity

Happy birthday to me (X4)

There. I've sung the song.

It seems that the older I get, the less exciting and fun birthdays get. Maybe because you know what to expect already. The cake, song, red packets, presents etc. will always be there. Also, you slowly run out of things to wish for, which happened in my case.

We celebrated my birthday last night because my actual birthday is tomorrow, a Monday. (Of all days in the week...) I was still wondering what to wish for when the song finished. My family members always liked to sing in English, then in Mandarin. They just liked it that way. Or maybe they wanted the sensation to last a bit longer...

19 Mar 2009


Weird. Out of the blue we're tasked to create a blog for our next English topic, expository writing. Why a blog? Do they think that putting us in our so-called element will help us learn better? This is what the teacher(no need to mention who) put:

12 Mar 2009

Past Entry 2

12 Dec 2009, around 11pm

Well at least this entry is a bit further ahead into the future than my first one.

On this day, I'm watching Miss World 2009 live tonight. One important point: Miss World is different from Miss Universe, which means this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RIS LOW. Anyway, this pageant is held in Johannesburg, and the intro was quite energetic. Hmm, I'm not sure what Miss Singapore World's national costume's like, if there's any.

Hang on, now there's this event called Dances of the World; it DOES show off all the national costumes! And it looks pretty lively too! However, I have absolutely no idea what Miss Singapore World would dance or wear now, but I don't think everybody might dance anyway. Miss Japan looks like the most delicate dance, with one of the biggest dresses worn. Others' dances were quite lively! At least this made the national costume showcase livelier...


Finally! A week-long break! The first school term really passed by super fast! And our principal has declared tomorrow a day off, which means a longer holiday. (Even if it's just 1 day longer)

I think--no, I know I did badly in some exams. At least not up to my expectations. But then again my expectations pretty much match those of most of my classmates.

Also, Reflexive Arcade finally presented their sequel, Music Catch 2! And I can embed it on my blog to fill up that empty space. Now it has more songs and new ways of play, and you can even use online MP3s for your songs! Some URLs don't work, though...

7 Mar 2009


...but I might not be posting as regularly. Maybe not even posting for quite a while. Especially when I have exams in a few days.

That's all...

28 Feb 2009

News Flash

I snooped around the Straits Times online portal today. At least it would help me in my social studies. Then I saw the full article of one of the most talked about events here. (link)

20 Feb 2009

Time Travel

It seems that 2 months have already passed by, and at a faster rate than the last two years. Either the Earth is suddenly spinning faster, or I haven't been doing much during that time. Soon, more exams will start flooding our schedule, and my planner would be drowned in ink(not really, I hardly use the daily planner that the school gives yearly).

Once again, another break interval has approached; due to staff training on Monday and Tuesday, I get a 4-day weekend(excluding today)! However, the school has once again come prepared with uploaded homework on the online portal. At least I already finished homework for one subject already!

14 Feb 2009

What day is it?

Let's keep this short and simple.

Happy Valentine's day! :D

If you've completely forgotten to make reservations at a restaurant or buy chocolates for your loved one, do it now!

Valentine's day isn't just for people looking for love; this is also a chance to test how faithful a couple is. So watch out! ;)

12 Feb 2009


It seems that I haven't been getting much homework lately. Most of the homework's usually Chinese homework too. Has the school slackened the workload? Or is this the calm before the storm?

My group's finally had our first project meeting, because our teacher-mentor was on course last week. We managed to craft our survey and get the required materials, so everything is going okay so far. Compared to last year... >< As for my new class, I think we're getting together a bit better. Maybe not like sworn brothers yet, but at least I'm more familiar with some people. The class is still hectic at some times, but probably not like last year's class.

7 Feb 2009


Do you suffer from melanophobia?  Or maybe leukophobia? If so, you wouldn’t want to visit this blog! If you don’t know what all of that means, melanophobia is the fear of the colour black, while leukophobia is the fear of the colour white.

If you suffer from cyberphobia, you wouldn’t even be surfing the internet, let alone look at this blog, because that’s the fear of computers or working on one.

Why not tell your teacher that you’re diagnosed with didaskaleinophobia? That’s the fear of going to school, so maybe you’ll get sent to the psychiatrist instead!

Here are some other phobias listed below:

30 Jan 2009

Woman Hitler?

What on earth does that mean? If you have no clue, it's actually an anagram of "Mother-in-law"! Of course, this anagram has been seen many times in chain mails...

An anagram is basically a rearrangement of the letters of a word/phrase to produce a new word/phrase. Someone who makes anagrams is an anagrammatist(quite a long word to write or say out loud). The original word/phrase is the subject of the anagram.

Some examples: William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller OR I'll make a wise phrase; Astronomer = Moon starer; Funeral = Real fun; Dormitory = Dirty room, and many more others.

26 Jan 2009

Happy(?) Lunar New Year

Today's the first day of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Most people would be currently watching the lion dance performance, or receiving red packets from their elders.

I used to do that every Lunar New Year. But not this time. Because my family's still mourning the passing of my grandfather, we can't visit other people's houses or give any red packets this year. That's why today is unusually quieter for a day of celebrations.

Of course, it's definitely not dead silent. My uncles and aunts are still playing Mahjong downstairs. The fact that we're in mourning won't stop us from having fun on a day like this, even though the celebrations are toned down a lot.

23 Jan 2009


Death is never an easy topic to discuss without stepping on anyone's toes. I'll try my best to be as sensitive as possible.

Recently, a Secondary 1 student from my school died from cardiovascular failure(I think). Then, another Secondary student passed away soon after, this time from an acute form of leukemia.

In both cases, I never cried or become very disturbed by their deaths. I couldn't, because I hardly knew them at all. I didn't lose a friend, or a classmate, or a brother. I just couldn't acknowledge the loss of something I didn't have in the first place.

A few days ago, however, I started to appreciate death even more than before.

18 Jan 2009

More Festivities

I’m trying out Windows Live Writer for this post today. So far it seems pretty good. Except that I have to add in some html tags manually. It lets you preview how your post would look like on the homepage accurately. For now at least.

Chinese(or Lunar) New Year’s arriving in about a week. However, due to the weekend before that, and the early dismissal of school on Friday, I’ll say we have four and a half days before we can celebrate.

15 Jan 2009

Winds of Change

Sorry for the long absence. Quite a busy week this week...

It's been very windy these days. And I mean very windy! Flowerpots toppled over, worksheets flew away, and upright bottles rolled off the table. Well, at least this bizarre weather helps cool down the outdoor temperature without getting anything wet.

Monday saw Chinese as the first period of the day. What a way to add on to the Monday Blues. I passed up my book review already, even though the teacher kindly extended the deadline to today.

11 Jan 2009


Well, OBS has ended. And sorry for the late "Welcome Back!" greeting.

For a grand finale Friday actually fell flat; each watch(group) was supposed to present their flag(looked more like handkerchiefs to me) and their cheer. Too much copying and pasting going on: things like starting off with "5, 6, 7, 8", or using the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, or modifying "Everywhere we go, people want to know..." to suit the context... I wanted lunch very badly by the time the last watch finished.

After a while I got to talk to some of my previous classmates who had to endure OBS for 5 days. From the information I gathered, the poor victims had to kayak to mainland Singapore and back, cook their own food at night, sleep in tents over rocks while someone was doing sentry duty(!), and perform many other daunting tasks that left them tanned(or burned) and tired.

8 Jan 2009

Hang in there...

Right now I'm watching Don't Forget the Lyrics special, where the contestants are children. The prize money isn't proportionally downsized; the top money still remains at $500,000. The songs are also more updated, including Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time(quite a long title).

You probably already know that I'm not at OBS because of my fractured leg. If not, refer to previous post. Anyway, there have been other events planned for the group of us who got excused. And those in charge only had one day to do that! Anyway, we had a movie marathon on Monday(Ratatouille + League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + Facing the Giants, incomplete)! Hey, it's definitely better to sit in the air-con room than stand under the hot sun!

2 Jan 2009

Clean Slate

The first day of school seemed, well, okay. We found out who were our classmates, who were our form teachers(each class got two), etc. Orientation wasn't really that great. At least today wasn't as scary as what happened yesterday:

1 Jan 2009

New Year's Here! (cont.)

Wow, I actually woke up at 8am. Quite early considering that I slept at around 2am. But I still laid in bed for quite a while...

Right now, my brother's decluttering the house. Gives enough room for a fresh start for 2009. I also just packed my school bag so that I won't look like an idiot tomorrow.

Looks like there's a few more minutes before 2009 covers the entire United States. I really wish I were there right now to celebrate. And I would be able to party throughout the night because of my different sleep cycle.

New Year's Here!

Well, here it is: this year's first post on this blog! I might post another post later this afternoon. That's when I usually collect my thoughts and sort them out properly.

New Year parties can do wonders: you can stay awake all night without feeling any fatigue(and you'll get away with it), and you'll forget everything around you, except the party of course. Too bad I didn't go to any party; they are always too packed. I'd rather watch the action on TV than be smothered by the crowds.