21 Dec 2008

Riddle #2

2nd riddle:

1¢ --> 180 IQ
£1 --> 1 IQ

Solve this rebus.

Answer to #1: bee

Christmas is just in 4 days. And New Year's Day is in 11. I really wished we had a longer holiday.

Anyway, merry Christmas to everybody, whether you believe in it or not.

Do I have a New Year's resolution? Well, maybe to explore more in the area of composing music. It would definitely help since next year's RE project would be entering the ITMap competition.

So I snooped around the web a bit, and found this interesting way of composition: tracking. Basically, you grab the required sound samples and you arrange them whatever way you want to make your song. Most trackers, if not all, take your sample and automatically make variations of it to form a scale.

The tracker I'm using right now is called Nitrotracker. This tracker works on the Nintendo DS instead of your computer, which means making music easily on the go. The microphone on the DS also allows you to record samples quickly. Once you save the songs, they can be edited by other trackers, like MilkyTracker.

I tried it, and it took a while to learn the controls, but once you get the hang of it, it's very convenient. I actually made my own arrangement of Fantasie Impromptu! (link) I'm also in the middle of making a Christmas song medley. My family was quite impressed by what the tracker could do.

So why not give this tracker a spin? Even if you don't have a DS, you can still use trackers on your PC.

Edit: I finished the Christmas medley! :) (link) However, I advise you to open the file on MilkyTracker if you don't have NitroTracker. Same goes for the Fantasie arrangement.

Edit 2: Links are gone because I don't use 4share that often... sorry :(