15 Dec 2008

Riddle #1

Here's a riddle for you to try and solve. You can post your guess as a comment to this post, or in the cbox. Either one of those methods, just don't email me the answer. I don't like to see my inbox fill up with rubbish. :(

I resemble one and two,
but consist of three.
You might find some of us
Under a shady tree.
We work hard for our master
And we are always busy.
I hope this poem's sufficient
To solve this mystery:

What am I?

Honestly, this riddle shouldn't be very difficult. Answer to this riddle will be revealed together with the next riddle.


Speaking of mysteries, I'm still very uncertain about my future. Not just life at Secondary 3, but also my career. I'm still unsure about what I want to be when I grow up. Initially, I thought that being a musician who performs the piano was all I could be, given my talents. However, as I got older, I learned new things, and also saw other options which I considered persuing, not necessarily related to music. Now I'm not sure which path to follow. Maybe I'll just wait until I'm actually old enough to get a job; my mind should be clearer by then.

Hmm, the sky's getting darker. The problem with our tropical climate is that we always get a wet and gloomy Christmas, not one with snow! However, it does have a same effect as Christmas snow: both weather conditions encourage people to stay at home and share the Christmas joy with their families.

Given the current economic status, Christmas will probably be downsized a lot... :(