24 Dec 2008

Gloomy Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,
'Cos all we get are shade of grey...

I opened my eyes. It was 9.43 am, but the skies said otherwise; the clouds swallowed up the sun, and it became pretty dark. The rain just added on to the gloomy atmosphere. And the lack of heat.

Not the most pleasurable way of starting Christmas eve. On the other side of the globe, people can wake up to a beautiful scene of snow-covered paths with skeletal trees poking out of the white mass. Although the weather has been wacky this year, and America(some parts of it) is experiencing heavy servings of snow.

All that Singapore gets is rain. Lots of it. However, I believe that it rained less this monsoon period than in last year's. I didn't see any floods this month or in November.

Anyway, after I woke up, I went to practise my piano and violin. Why on earth am I still continuing to play the violin? I quit the String Ensemble already! Well, let's just say that I'm needed to perform at a very special event. And I'm the only one who can because there is only one other person in my entire family that learnt the violin, but gave it up for a longer period than I did.

After that, I went up to check my mail. And got quite a pleasant surprise. In a few earlier posts, I mentioned that my group was participating in the music competition, where we were supposed to arrange some given sounds to form a nice song.

Well, I may not have mentioned this: while the group was working on one arrangement, I made another one on my own. The teacher-in-charge thought of submitting both songs under the same group, but it was not allowed. In the end, my arrangement was submitted under my own name, while the other arrangement was submitted as the other members' work. Which seemed fair, because I can get the credit that I deserve.

So just now, I was checking my mail, and found out that RI's compositions won prizes. (There was more than one team participating for RI.) The other teams got Silver awards, and I got a Gold award!!! XD XD XD

Never mind that I didn't get the Platinum; at least I won something! And all by myself! (The other entries were all submitted under groups. Except for one.)

Here's the email for proof:

Dear All


Bryan was awarded Gold award and the other 2 groups have been awarded
Silver awards.

Well done.

Best regards
Ms Chiang

-----Original Message-----
From: XXX
Sent: Monday, 22 December, 2008 2:53 PM
Subject: Digital Music Composing Competition results
Importance: High


We are happy to announce that your school teams with compositions
"Carnival of Cars"
(mine), "Scream of the Forest" and "Traffic Jam" have been
awarded the Gold and Silver prizes!
Each student will be awarded the Gold and Silver award certificates as
as the school. These certificates will be sent to you, shortly. Also, we

will send you a copy of the judges' comments on your students' pieces.
Once again our heartiest congratulations for winning this award!
Please contact us at *** should you have any questions.

You can view and listen to the other award winners' compositions at
Thank you again for your participation in the recent Digital Music
Competition (DMC2).
Best regards,

(Sorry I had to block out the details)

I haven't told anyone else yet as I type, so you might be the first to hear the news. Come to think of it, I haven't listened to the other winning entries yet.

*Takes a break to listen*

The other entries are quite good too. But mine might be the only once that does have a nice beat to it...

Seems that Naval Base Secondary School also sent in another solo entry. He also did better than the group. This probably shows that going solo may be better in some scenarios. Maybe in this case you have only one idea in mind, and can follow it through all the way. In groups there tend to be clashing opinions, so it takes longer.

Well, later when my piano teacher comes, I'll tell him the big news.


Riddle #3:

Which word is longer than a mile?

Answer to #2: penny wise, pound foolish