28 Dec 2008

Endings...& Beginnings

Sigh... it's been a very wacky 2008. Weird weather, US elections, recessions, and many other significant events have happened.

After a lot of rain the past few days, it's suddenly very hot today! To think that my father still wants to go for golf under the blazing sun. Meanwhile, my brother and cousin's watching Secret (不能说的秘密), being impressed by the immense skill displayed through the piano performances. There were quite a number of people, however, who find the movie ending very ridiculous. I haven't watched it, but I roughly know the ending. Not telling you, though!

Because they're watching the movie on the computer, I have to resort to using the laptop instead. Not that this MacBook sucks, but that things are more optimised on the Vista.


Christmas wasn't really very exciting. No presents or Christmas carols or snow. Nevertheless, my family still went out to watch the movie Ip Man(usually mispronounced as I.P. Man). I wasn't really thrilled by the martial arts, but at least there's still some plot to follow.

There's still one more thing to celebrate. 2009 is really creeping up to everybody, and many aren't so sure about a positive future, especially for the economy. Maybe the Chinese would believe that with the Year of the Bull comes a bull market.

By now you would have already noticed the countdown on the blog. On 1st January 2009 I'll make the first post of 2009 for this blog. And then things will settle down in school. Hopefully... :|