28 Dec 2008

Endings...& Beginnings

Sigh... it's been a very wacky 2008. Weird weather, US elections, recessions, and many other significant events have happened.

After a lot of rain the past few days, it's suddenly very hot today! To think that my father still wants to go for golf under the blazing sun. Meanwhile, my brother and cousin's watching Secret (不能说的秘密), being impressed by the immense skill displayed through the piano performances. There were quite a number of people, however, who find the movie ending very ridiculous. I haven't watched it, but I roughly know the ending. Not telling you, though!

24 Dec 2008

Gloomy Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,
'Cos all we get are shade of grey...

I opened my eyes. It was 9.43 am, but the skies said otherwise; the clouds swallowed up the sun, and it became pretty dark. The rain just added on to the gloomy atmosphere. And the lack of heat.

Not the most pleasurable way of starting Christmas eve. On the other side of the globe, people can wake up to a beautiful scene of snow-covered paths with skeletal trees poking out of the white mass. Although the weather has been wacky this year, and America(some parts of it) is experiencing heavy servings of snow.

21 Dec 2008

Riddle #2

2nd riddle:

1¢ --> 180 IQ
£1 --> 1 IQ

Solve this rebus.

Answer to #1: bee

15 Dec 2008

Riddle #1

Here's a riddle for you to try and solve. You can post your guess as a comment to this post, or in the cbox. Either one of those methods, just don't email me the answer. I don't like to see my inbox fill up with rubbish. :(

I resemble one and two,
but consist of three.
You might find some of us
Under a shady tree.
We work hard for our master
And we are always busy.
I hope this poem's sufficient
To solve this mystery:

What am I?

12 Dec 2008

A Very Short Post

I'm really very bored. My brother's on the computer because he's watching some Japanese drama called Absolute Boyfriend. Heard of it? That's why I'm using the laptop instead.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a short post. I just don't know what to put here.

Oh well. Next post will definitely be longer. Promise.

6 Dec 2008


I've changed the game again. Monochrome II is just too challenging. I've gone for something less challenging. I would have put Winterbells on my blog, but I think the creator prevented anyone from taking his work, so embedding is useless. Bummer. But you can still go to the original website to play this simple, yet possibly addicting, game.

If you're wondering what this game is about, here's a simple explanation: you control a cute rabbit with your mouse. The objective is to jump on floating bells to get as high as possible. Each bell you jump on will increase your score exponentially. The catch: as you get higher, the bells get smaller nd harder to accurately land on. Occasionally, you can also jump on passing birds too, which double your current score. Seems like a suitable and fun game for this Christmas.