29 Nov 2008


I've already found out which class I'll be in next year. The problem is, I don't know who else is in my class. My classmates who have declared their future class to everybody won't be with me next year. Maybe because my subject combination is unique to the class. At least not everyone has announced their future class yet, or I'll probably be flying solo...

However, is it really such a bad thing if I end up in a new class which is completely made up of strangers? I might make new friends which are even better than the ones that I have now, or I might even be together with some of my Rosyth classmates again.


Recently I also had 2 weird dreams: the first one predicted that I'll be in 3A, which would be the smallest class. The 3A part never came true(a clue), but I'm not so sure about the "smallest class" part.

The second one predicted that I'll be in the same class as another Bryan. And not just any Bryan; the one who was in my class in my last year of Rosyth(yes you know who you are). That I could believe, because he's also in RI. And also in my neighbouring class in the school.

But I've just had enough of having another Bryan around me! I was somehow together with another Bryan 5 times already! Sometimes I wondered why my parents never gave me a different name.

I'm headed for a new twisted path that was never how I imagined...

26 more days till Christmas...