4 Nov 2008

winding down

ahh... good to relax at home, while watching tv.

today's the last day of school. needless to say, everyone was in high spirits... until the teacher came in to tie up all loose ends. then all sec 2s went down to gather, after which we were given a talk by our year head. the "being the role models for the lower sec pupils as their seniors" speech has gone a bit old.

later, everyone was supposed to go to the hall for our headmaster's farewell... :'(

on the way, we saw the sec 4s letting loose -- literally, by releasing lots of balloons and confetti in the air, littering the sky with coloured dots. and scooby doo was giving away the balloons.

WHAT?!? i thought i was hallucinating. maybe because of the fumes from the Cif detergent that we used yesterday during classroom cleanup. but no, there he was. but why him of all mascots??? anyway, if the rest of the gang is looking for him, he went past my school. maybe because the other schools are too scary...

after that somewhat bizarre sighting, we went into the hall, and listened to the headmaster giving his speech for the last time before stepping down. at the end, we sang the school song again(i could feel the pride swelling in him), followed by more confetti. just when i thought the cleaners already had a terrible duty laid out for them...

as we stepped out, we saw just how bad the situation was. while the vacuum machine(not those slender ones housewives use in their houses) was plugged in, sparks suddenly flew from the socket, and it caught fire for a while! o.0 i expected it to explode and send debris everywhere, but too bad the flame died out quickly...

but enough of that exciting display. i had to go meet up with my group to continue with the music project. however, we didn't know that the music and art teachers were having a meeting right after the farewell ceremony, so we were stuck outside the locked up studio. after waiting for more than an hour, we all gave up and went home. i was the last to leave, when suddenly the teachers came back!!!

i knew we should have just persisted a bit longer, but the others were bored and tired of waiting.

next, my family went all the way to changi airport after lunch, because my brother wanted to catch the Wondergirls as they arrived. if you don't know, Wondergirls is a girl group of five korean female singers, which have become a hit both in and out of korea. when we arrived, the fans were already eagerly waiting for them. when the group popped out, they walked straight through, not stopping for even a while. i tried to take just one photo, but i got a colourful blur instead. at least my dad got decent photos of some of the girls.

after that experience, we went to eat ice cream at swensens. then, my brother went off again, this time to watch the Wondergirls perform at the indoor stadium. he's probably having a blast right now.

as for me, i'm watching the last episode of calefare. probably setting a new standard for comedy on tv. so i'm going to sign off now, and watch the show, enjoying the unique humour one more time. before they put another season.