9 Nov 2008


if you haven't heard of it yet, the subaru challenge already started yesterday. unlike the previous years, this year involves participants from other countries besides singapore, which means the winner may come from china, philippines,etc. why not just declare the winner of the car from each region, then let the winners compete in a final round for an even bigger price? at least none of the countries would come back empty-handed.

after snooping around ngee ann city today to check out the scene, my family went to watch Quantum of Solace. usually the complicated titles of some Bond movies make no sense or provide no relevance to the plot whatsoever. loosely translated, Quantum of Solace roughly means "a tiny amount of comfort". maybe it's linked to Casino Royale, when Bond's girlfriend...erm...i think you should find out yourself.

Quantum of Solace is jammed-packed with action; the beginning of the movie already plunges the audience into the middle of a chase. amid the violence, there are some parts of light humour, as well as emotional scenes. as always, Bond likes to show off his latest technology, and yet his style is still kind of classic, which is what made Bond so iconic.

well, after watching, we just went straight home, and here i am now. maybe next time i might watch High School Musical 3. now, some people wondered how come HSM3 is so much more successful than bollywood movies, when both use the same method of song and dance? one possible reason is that HSM3 came from hollywood, which already marks the movie as better material than bollywood movies. just like gucci bags and plastic bags.

another reason is the songs. in bollywood, the songs are all in tamil, which is already a setback since not many people understand the language. also, the songs aren't really that singable or catchy. HSM3 songs are in english, so almost everyone understands them. the songs are also written by better songwriters, so they are easier to sing and remember. and the recording studios there are much better, so the music quality is quite good.

just something to think about while watching the movie.

which i might do next week...