7 Nov 2008


okay...things are getting a bit boring here.

just went to temasek club again this morning, played a wee little bit of squash(just a little bit, because my father wanted to play with his friend), then i'm back home. i've practised my piano, and now i'm in this current state: sitting in front of the macbook, blogging about how things have slowed down for me.

it's kind of weird now that the holidays are here. yes, i'm grateful that there's no more school, but now i find that i have less stuff to preoccupy myself with. i really feel the need to go and watch a movie, make music, etc. even trying to find ways to make this blog look interesting.

most people feel like this: at the start, you want everything to just whiz past, then near the end, you wish that the 'ordeal' would last longer. weird. and it may not just apply to school life.

however, that's not really how i feel right now. i already know that things will be a breeze if i just go with the flow, and that all rivers must flow towards the sea and cannot go backwards.

there are people who dream about going against or ahead of the flow by time travel. but is time travel really possible??? if it were, the inventor will keep it a secret as it can mess up time, or other people will use it to achieve world domination. hence, only the inventor would know if time travel's possible. if he didn't keep it a secret, we would already know about it!

speaking of time travel, i finished reading the latest Artemis Fowl novel, Time Paradox. it's probably the most confusing novel because of the plot; in order to save Artemis' mother, he has to go back in time to steal a lemur, which contains the cure, from the younger Artemis. however, the past events do not seem to correspond to the elder Artemis' memories, which is where the problem arises.

like the other novels, Time Paradox is quite captivating, blending science with magic to make a unique storyline. it is also quite short, so you can read it in one seating.

later on, i'll be at temasek club again, this time to celebrate my cousin's birthday. not surprisingly, we'll be having another karaoke party, although i'm not sure if that's what he actually wants...