14 Nov 2008


i'm thinking of downloading o2mania now.

sure, it may not have the same kick as competing with other players online on o2jam, but at least it's the closest to it for now. stupid o2jam malaysia suddenly closed down...

well, i could also download o2jam nx from philippines. closest to malaysian version.

actually, i stopped playing way before the malaysian portal closed down. simply because the download patch stopped working for me. the download won't even start, let alone finish!

then, i tried audition. sure, it's not like beatmania, but i got the hang of it very quickly. however, when i went to level 15, the patches wouldn't finish installing either! it seemed like there was a curse on my computers. then again, i would have given it up anyway because of the super long servicing times.

anyway, my friend was showing off his o2mania game a few days ago. it seemed a bit weird revisiting something that i abandoned almost 4 years ago, and yet the game seemed to rekindle a little spark.

now i'm not sure if i should give o2jam another shot. i became addicted to it the moment i got hold of it. what can i say? music is in my blood, and the game seemed natural to me. i had a sense of rhythm and fast fingers, and the only thing stopping me was spammed notes and keyboards that don't allow many keys to be pressed simultaneously.

but suddenly, the patches stopped working. the 2 hours spent on downloading had been wasted. it felt like i was kicked out of this world for no reason, while everyone else could still access the game and have fun. it's like they locked me out of an arcade room that had soundproofing and no windows.

i didn't give up on o2jam; it gave up on me.

now, i saw a second chance; maybe later at home i'll download the client from the philippines portal. if there's enough space on my computer, and if i have enough time. let's see if i can relieve the moments 4 years ago.


if you read up to here and still have no idea what o2mania/o2jam is, it's something like DDR; you press the correct keys when the corresponding notes align to the timeline. what makes it very different from DDR or beatmania is that there are 7 keys involved. also, there can be sudden speed changes in the song. players can also add extra challenges to their gameplay using "rings". these "rings" cause the notes to go berserk in certain ways: disappear halfway, appear just near the timeline, reverse etc. and o2jam is just an MMORPG version of o2mania, so you can compete with other players online.

here's the o2jam website (Philippines): http://o2jam.e-games.com.ph/index.asp

and the o2mania game (English) can be found here: http://blog.applejunk.net/?p=402

maybe you'll have fun just the same way that i did...