15 Nov 2008


barclay's open is here again, which means nothing on tv. except dust.

and i downloaded o2mania. good to be back.

i've changed the blog a bit. ok, it's not so minor, but i added a music playlist just for fun. at least i don't put it on autostart, otherwise it can get irritating clicking the pause button everytime you come to my blog. and once again, it's black. what else would you expect?

also, you may have noticed that the font is different now. and i removed the garfield comic strips below. the widget occasionally relocates the archives, so i end up staring at a blank space or, in the latest case, a weird picture of bruce lee. (?!?)

sigh... maybe the boredom is partly caused by the heavy rain. restricts activity by a lot. or maybe it's because there's no one else at home besides my mom, who's watching tv.

lately, i've been exercising. yes, i've been praticising squash. i say practise because i'm still learning it. i'm just trying to hit the ball correctly, let alone know how to win. and my arm's still aching even after 2 days. well, it's better than staying dormant during the holidays, doing nothing but stone in front of the computer or tv.

you know, my brother's been thinking of starting his own company. he wants to own a recording studio, where he would allow students to record their songs here for a fee. and at the same time have lessons there for those who are interested in recording but do not know how. sounds like a good idea, but when would he start?

somewhere along the way, i'll probably be pulled in to help out. i don't know in what way.

today he's been trying to come up with a name for his company. he first came up with BAD: Bad A** Music, but it was rejected. then i thought of SLAM: Super Loud Awesome Music, but he said that the music recorded doesn't have to be loud. he's out of ideas for now.

maybe you can help give some suggestions for a good name for his future company. you could leave comments on this post or in the cbox.

in the meantime, i'll swim around in the www, looking for ways to satisfy my boredom...