29 Nov 2008


I've already found out which class I'll be in next year. The problem is, I don't know who else is in my class. My classmates who have declared their future class to everybody won't be with me next year. Maybe because my subject combination is unique to the class. At least not everyone has announced their future class yet, or I'll probably be flying solo...

However, is it really such a bad thing if I end up in a new class which is completely made up of strangers? I might make new friends which are even better than the ones that I have now, or I might even be together with some of my Rosyth classmates again.


Recently I also had 2 weird dreams:

24 Nov 2008


From now onwards, I'll be using proper punctuation. Just to practise before typing essays on the computer.

Right now I'm watching Die Another Day, another of the Bond movies. Recently I also watched Quantum of Solace, which critics claim show the best of Bond. Previously people were all protesting over the replacement of Pierce Brosnan as Bond, and yet now everyone doesn't mind having a blond Bond, joke unintended.

Most of the theme songs that go with the Bond movies, if not all, land onto the top spots in the music charts. Even the latest one, Another Way to Die, became famous. Although the title reminds me of Die Another Day. Hmm...

Today during guitar session, We were given christmas songs to learn. And one of them was, surprise, Jingle Bells. (Probably not so bizarre, since christmas will arrive in about 30 days and 5 hours. And I don't need a countdown timer on my blog to tell me that.) Today was also the last guitar session of the year. Something else to celebrate to warm up the crowd.

The other song was just as popular: Frosty the Snowman. I've searched for info on it in Wikipedia (hey, it does have lots of information), and this is what I got:

20 Nov 2008


sigh, tonight's the finale of "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow". who knew the craziest idea would be such a hit on tv?

anyway, christmas is slowly blending into the environment. christmas carols played in the shopping mall, christmas trees set up and decorated, shopping discounts for the festive season; preparations are being made early.

one unique thing about christmas is that it's greatly celebrated by many people, even those that don't even follow the religion. maybe the custom of giving presents to each other appeals to the majority. then again, chinese new year also involves giving away red packets full of money, and yet it's not as celebrated as christmas. probably due to the language barrier.

15 Nov 2008


barclay's open is here again, which means nothing on tv. except dust.

and i downloaded o2mania. good to be back.

i've changed the blog a bit. ok, it's not so minor, but i added a music playlist just for fun. at least i don't put it on autostart, otherwise it can get irritating clicking the pause button everytime you come to my blog. and once again, it's black. what else would you expect?

also, you may have noticed that the font is different now. and i removed the garfield comic strips below. the widget occasionally relocates the archives, so i end up staring at a blank space or, in the latest case, a weird picture of bruce lee. (?!?)

14 Nov 2008


i'm thinking of downloading o2mania now.

sure, it may not have the same kick as competing with other players online on o2jam, but at least it's the closest to it for now. stupid o2jam malaysia suddenly closed down...

well, i could also download o2jam nx from philippines. closest to malaysian version.

actually, i stopped playing way before the malaysian portal closed down. simply because the download patch stopped working for me. the download won't even start, let alone finish!

then, i tried audition. sure, it's not like beatmania, but i got the hang of it very quickly. however, when i went to level 15, the patches wouldn't finish installing either! it seemed like there was a curse on my computers. then again, i would have given it up anyway because of the super long servicing times.

9 Nov 2008


if you haven't heard of it yet, the subaru challenge already started yesterday. unlike the previous years, this year involves participants from other countries besides singapore, which means the winner may come from china, philippines,etc. why not just declare the winner of the car from each region, then let the winners compete in a final round for an even bigger price? at least none of the countries would come back empty-handed.

after snooping around ngee ann city today to check out the scene, my family went to watch Quantum of Solace. usually the complicated titles of some Bond movies make no sense or provide no relevance to the plot whatsoever. loosely translated, Quantum of Solace roughly means "a tiny amount of comfort". maybe it's linked to Casino Royale, when Bond's girlfriend...erm...i think you should find out yourself.

Quantum of Solace is jammed-packed with action; the beginning of the movie already plunges the audience into the middle of a chase. amid the violence, there are some parts of light humour, as well as emotional scenes. as always, Bond likes to show off his latest technology, and yet his style is still kind of classic, which is what made Bond so iconic.

7 Nov 2008


okay...things are getting a bit boring here.

just went to temasek club again this morning, played a wee little bit of squash(just a little bit, because my father wanted to play with his friend), then i'm back home. i've practised my piano, and now i'm in this current state: sitting in front of the macbook, blogging about how things have slowed down for me.

it's kind of weird now that the holidays are here. yes, i'm grateful that there's no more school, but now i find that i have less stuff to preoccupy myself with. i really feel the need to go and watch a movie, make music, etc. even trying to find ways to make this blog look interesting.

most people feel like this: at the start, you want everything to just whiz past, then near the end, you wish that the 'ordeal' would last longer. weird. and it may not just apply to school life.

4 Nov 2008

winding down

ahh... good to relax at home, while watching tv.

today's the last day of school. needless to say, everyone was in high spirits... until the teacher came in to tie up all loose ends. then all sec 2s went down to gather, after which we were given a talk by our year head. the "being the role models for the lower sec pupils as their seniors" speech has gone a bit old.

later, everyone was supposed to go to the hall for our headmaster's farewell... :'(

on the way, we saw the sec 4s letting loose -- literally, by releasing lots of balloons and confetti in the air, littering the sky with coloured dots. and scooby doo was giving away the balloons.