31 Oct 2008


i've got all my papers back. good news is that i passed, with 2 4.0s. bad news is that the other subjects(especially humanities) aren't really up to expectations...

ah well. doesn't really matter because i'll just take MEP as my contrasting subject. i'll probably get free periods in my time table. which means more time for homework/projects/revision.

good thing about sec 3 is that i can focus on my strong subjects. problem is that there's no more music, art or computer lessons anymore. however, i'll learn some new computer skills during the holidays. and focus more on music. i've been robbed of my practise time for so long during the mugging period.

well i'm watching ghost whisperer right now. the plot structure may be the same; ghostly encounter, then mystery solving, then big twist, then truth exposure, then touching moments. there is also a hidden plot behind the scenes, which will all come together near the end. and yet each episode is still something new and nice to watch. quite well scripted, if you ask me.

as to whether ghosts really exist, i won't answer. there have been many claims of supernatural happenings, some even backed with what they claim is "proof". i say this: those who believe it, may hold onto this faith or fear to make their decisions. those who don't, use another method to guide their decisions. makes sense?

now, i'll just keep browsing around facebook. and hope that D.Gray-man will return in another season.