23 Oct 2008


ahh... the nice feeling of staying at home, with no urgent matters to attend to.

sure, the exams are over, and lessons become redundant. but i still have one more matter to tackle in school.

today, before going for the checkup, i worked with my teammates in making a sound arrangement. ah well, if they make SONAR completely free and unlimited, it'll be a dream. audacity isn't really as userfriendly, while garageband isn't really built for audio editing, but mainly composition.

anyway, we worked on it, and after lunch i went for the checkup. why? next year during the first few days of 2009, all new sec 3s will be going for OBS. most other schools do this after exams, or in june. but RI specially reserved this early time slot, when it'll probably be still raining, and we'll probably drown in our tents. if there are any tents.

so, everyone had to pay a basic fee of $10 for the checkup. i walked in. i took off my shirt. the guy told me to lean foward, squat, stand, bend foward, and straighten.

how can all that cost $10???

well, after that, i went straight home. and watched a little bit of Futurama. my brother and i just recently got interested in this tv series. the first time i remember seeing this is back when i was still with the string ensemble in new york. this series is another gem from the creators of The Simpsons.

too bad this series has disappeared from cable tv. not that i watch cable in the first place.

ah well. guess i'll continue to surf around the web. bye.

i said bye. there's nothing else to see here.