10 Oct 2008

the madness begins...

i've tested the waters today. a bit chilly, but i think i'll survive and not freeze up.

it really irks me that so many schools have already finished their exams, while RI has just started today. i was listening to the radio, and there were so many dedications from students to classmates, saying things like, "SO GLAD THAT THE EXAMS ARE OVER! WOOHOO! XD" or "JUST ONE MORE DAY TO GO!!! WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!!"

well, last night, while i was mugging chinese, there was one guy from RI who shouted out to all RI boys to pull through the 2 weeks, and said that today's chinese test damn sian...

fast forward to today: i took both english + chinese papers. i think my essay is somewhat screwed. as for the chinese, a lot of people were saying that it was very easy; i'm not sure if i can say the same for myself...

fast forward to now: i'm at temasek club again (no, nobody's playing squash). my extended family came together for karaoke to celebrate my father's birthday... and the completion of PSLE (it ended yesterday). what a nice date, 10/10. i'm not that keen on celebrating my first exam, though.

we had a little fun going through the songs. my brother decided to put whatever he learned in his singing lessons to use, and he impressed us.

but what's a birthday celebration without cake? well, the cake is sitting on the table in the karaoke room right now. i wonder what flavour it is? i'm guessing there's mango on it...

i'm blogging right outside the aircon place, because the place is freakin cold! and also because i have nothing else to do. i already read through my geog textbooks(see, so hardworking...), so i'm here to get a bit of fresh air.

ok... 2 exams down, 5 more to go. then i can slack. i really crave for the time when i see civilization after hacking through the dense rainforest for many days. i really need to sharpen my machetes.

right now, no more Shakespeare for me! i'm already getting fed up with the quotes, and i might go insane if i hear any of the words, "bond", "flesh", "justice", "mercy", "casket" or "ducats".

and what comes after graduation? seperation. our class will be split up next year, which means another orientation programme (I HATE OBS!!! DX ), and strong feelings on the last day of school. i'm not daunted by this fact, actually. even when we're split up, we're still in the same school, which means we can still see each other. also, i'm glad that we're splitting up! i wouldn't want to stick with most of the animals - i mean classmates - in my class. it would spell disaster with a capital D for the next 2 years of my life.


wow, it's much darker now. this laptop is the biggest source of light around here.

well, looking back, i find that i have hardly any regrets for this year. i think that whatever that has happened to me so far has helped me develop and mature. i don't think that i'll change anything in my life if i'm given the chance to do so.

except maybe to get a tranquilizer gun. for crowd control.

for now, i might as well enjoy all the mayhem that's going on right now. without these jokers, my life would be just a pencil sketch. they helped me to fill in the vibrant colours and textures.

next year will be a fresh new canvas. and i'll get a new palette to use.

hope the colours are not just shades of grey.

well, i'm signing off right now! by the time i post again, i'll be out of the jungle, machete in one hand, the other hand punching into the air with triumph. and my 2 legs collapsing under my own weight, having endured the hardships for so long.

and someone -- no, many people will be waiting for me, cheering for me...

see you soon!