21 Oct 2008

*gasp* (2)


ok i'm just exaggerating. the papers weren't too bad --- they have no creases and funny smells, and the ink doesn't bleed through.

but i don't think i'll ace the tests. it always seems that in almost every test, there is at least one question in which i completely forgot how to answer, and i either have to leave it blank or put what i think sounds right.

ah well. that's all in the past. i can't change anything.

now i have other things to focus on. my friends and i formed a group to participate in some music competition. no performing here, just sound arrangement. basically, we have to only use one out of 3 possible genres of sounds to make some arrangement between 2 to 3 minutes. however, the sounds we're allowed to choose from are all weird sounds, which makes this task not as easy as it seemed.

also, this was meant to be a post-exam activity, but our exams started late while others' have finished earlier, so they already got a huge head start. we only have, i think, 20 days. they had a month to work on it! ah well, at least this is just a minor competition, compared to what we're actually preparing for...


you know, it feels a bit weird that i have almost no work at all. i guess i became accustomed to the huge workload i get in school. now i'm thinking of learning some new photoshop skills; it'll probably come in handy the next few years.

as for the holidays, i'm not sure if i'll even be going overseas at all. now with this big recession crisis, together with taxes, my family might end up staying here and not spend money on a holiday trip to malaysia, china, japan etc.

ahh...i'm getting bored. maybe i'll just end here for now. there's still time tomorrow.

EDIT: yay changed the header pic! (and got slightly better at the pen tool)