31 Oct 2008


i've got all my papers back. good news is that i passed, with 2 4.0s. bad news is that the other subjects(especially humanities) aren't really up to expectations...

ah well. doesn't really matter because i'll just take MEP as my contrasting subject. i'll probably get free periods in my time table. which means more time for homework/projects/revision.

good thing about sec 3 is that i can focus on my strong subjects. problem is that there's no more music, art or computer lessons anymore. however, i'll learn some new computer skills during the holidays. and focus more on music. i've been robbed of my practise time for so long during the mugging period.

23 Oct 2008


ahh... the nice feeling of staying at home, with no urgent matters to attend to.

sure, the exams are over, and lessons become redundant. but i still have one more matter to tackle in school.

today, before going for the checkup, i worked with my teammates in making a sound arrangement. ah well, if they make SONAR completely free and unlimited, it'll be a dream. audacity isn't really as userfriendly, while garageband isn't really built for audio editing, but mainly composition.

anyway, we worked on it, and after lunch i went for the checkup. why? next year during the first few days of 2009, all new sec 3s will be going for OBS. most other schools do this after exams, or in june. but RI specially reserved this early time slot, when it'll probably be still raining, and we'll probably drown in our tents. if there are any tents.

21 Oct 2008

*gasp* (2)


ok i'm just exaggerating. the papers weren't too bad --- they have no creases and funny smells, and the ink doesn't bleed through.

but i don't think i'll ace the tests. it always seems that in almost every test, there is at least one question in which i completely forgot how to answer, and i either have to leave it blank or put what i think sounds right.

ah well. that's all in the past. i can't change anything.

now i have other things to focus on. my friends and i formed a group to participate in some music competition. no performing here, just sound arrangement. basically, we have to only use one out of 3 possible genres of sounds to make some arrangement between 2 to 3 minutes. however, the sounds we're allowed to choose from are all weird sounds, which makes this task not as easy as it seemed.

10 Oct 2008

the madness begins...

i've tested the waters today. a bit chilly, but i think i'll survive and not freeze up.

it really irks me that so many schools have already finished their exams, while RI has just started today. i was listening to the radio, and there were so many dedications from students to classmates, saying things like, "SO GLAD THAT THE EXAMS ARE OVER! WOOHOO! XD" or "JUST ONE MORE DAY TO GO!!! WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!!"

well, last night, while i was mugging chinese, there was one guy from RI who shouted out to all RI boys to pull through the 2 weeks, and said that today's chinese test damn sian...

fast forward to today: i took both english + chinese papers. i think my essay is somewhat screwed. as for the chinese, a lot of people were saying that it was very easy; i'm not sure if i can say the same for myself...

4 Oct 2008


i need a little breather. a very short one.

quick update: (so short you won't need to click "more")

6 days to exams, mep practical done, mugging for other tests.

word of the day: stress!

and i'm done.

oh wait, i changed the game again. if you're wondering what the heck you're supposed to do, the objective is to indentify the object that is moving upwards. the catch: the unknown object is only revealed through a 1-pixel thick line, so it's hard to tell what the object is. also, the object can be a letter, picture, shape, number etc.

good luck trying to go through all levels.

and now i venture back into the thick jungle, trying to anticipate what lurks inside...