1 Sep 2008

1 week of...what?

tick. tock. the minutes are slowly dripping away from my hands. seems that the most precious things always get lost the easiest...

right now, the situation's in control. i'm almost done with one of the projects, going to move to the other one. and then there's the EOYs. gosh, i get very irritated just hearing that, and yet i emphasize it all the time, in every post.

i can't wait for the months to breeze past. i know that in december, near New Year's Day, i'll probably regret saying that. but that's human nature. whatever you don't want, sticks to you like a scab; you just can't wait for it to drop off your skin. whatever we all crave for, just disappears like a bursting bubble. quite a sad reality, i'll say. but who said life was fair anyway?

well, i watched Wall.E on friday. quite entertaining, for a character that hardly speaks. also, the movie also brought out the consequences of neglecting the earth. (only people who watched the movie would get it) the movie also predicted the outcome from overdependency on technology. (once again, watch to understand)

'why did i not go back to my school?' is what you might ask. my answer: the principal. ever since she took over 2 and a half years ago, she enforced new rules: secondary students who come back to visit must stay out of the compounds, until school ends and they are let in. seems very cruel to leave the students outside with no shelter...or any concern.

another thing: the principal is more focused on the lower primary students than the upper primary. she uses methods only suited for that age group to gain control. ("you're all too noisy! give me one silent clap!" -_-") and when the p6 students 'misbehave', she goes, "you boys are not setting a good example for the lower primary kids. am i right, p1s and p2s?"

i think that by now, she's struggling to gain control using those same primitive methods. kids these days mature much more quickly; it can be seen through the sec 1s.

ok, i'm ending here. gotta make up for lost hours of sleep. no prizes for guessing why...