17 Sep 2008


oh my, it's been more than a week since my previous post. at least that's better than some dead blogs i've been to...

a little update of what happened:

all projects done with, now can mug without other matters on my mind. well, except for MEP practical. the one where someone was very very close to full marks, and would probably do the same this year.

my piece had to be slowed down before it could be within the stated time limit. not so good, because then it wouldn't sound as technically demanding. the speed i play is about 1.5 times as fast, but the actual speed is 3 times faster! (or 4)

4 Sep 2008

so far, so good

well, currently i'm managing the projects without major hiccups. less mess to clean up...

not in the mood to write that much tonight. tried out FFVII crisis core, kinda hard to pick up at first, but it gets fun once you get used to it. graphics are very good!

well, i'm ending right here. before i go, here's a random question which anyone can attempt to answer:

1 Sep 2008

1 week of...what?

tick. tock. the minutes are slowly dripping away from my hands. seems that the most precious things always get lost the easiest...

right now, the situation's in control. i'm almost done with one of the projects, going to move to the other one. and then there's the EOYs. gosh, i get very irritated just hearing that, and yet i emphasize it all the time, in every post.

i can't wait for the months to breeze past. i know that in december, near New Year's Day, i'll probably regret saying that. but that's human nature. whatever you don't want, sticks to you like a scab; you just can't wait for it to drop off your skin. whatever we all crave for, just disappears like a bursting bubble. quite a sad reality, i'll say. but who said life was fair anyway?