21 Aug 2008

one last stretch...

i've just taken the bio test today. which leaves the mep test next week for last. yay. at least i finish with something which i'm good in!

but even though the ccts are almost done, the teachers spring up another surprise: 2 more projects! which means, if i'm not wrong, i now have 4 projects + assignments. which pile on top of the end-of-year exams. how nice. to top it of, everyone has to read a chinese book so we can prepare for the book test next year! what won't the teachers come up with next?

i feel so groggy after many weeks of agony. hopefully there's enough time for us to recover and prepare for the final wave. and teacher's day and the september hols will not be enough.

i definitely crave for the december holidays. we all do. kinda like how all ns-men crave for the ROD to come quickly.

however, the more we seek, the less we are able to get it. it's something like walking on a large ball: when you walk towards your destination, you end up moving away from it instead. the reverse is true too. this is the similar principle for zen.

anyway, enough of this. i'm getting writer's block, so i'll end here now. bye...