24 Aug 2008

olympics end

after a lot of excitement on tv, as well as a lot of missed tv shows, the olympics are finally coming to a close tonight. the closing ceremony may not be as elaborate as the opening ceremony, but at least it's still able to leave a deep impression on all the athletes.

after a mass display performance, it was 'spot the famous athelte' time: i only got a glimpse of Phelps. hmph. once again, i expect singapore to pop up on the tv screen much later.

it's not just the olympics that are coming to a close; the ccts are almost over too! well, most people have already finished, but not for me. there's still a mep test on tuesday.

and not just that, there are also many other projects/assignments to finish up. then, it's the end of year exams. i believe i've already mentioned this before, but i'll say it again anyway.

while doing a bit of research for one of my projects, i chanced upon this nice programming tool called Scratch: you don't have to learn any programming language to use this tool. instead of heaploads of text, the interface makes use of 'blocks' of code that make it easier and faster to compile code.

however, i think the programs created can only be executed on the Scratch website itself or by the Scratch application. it would be great if Scratch creations can be converted to other formats, like Java, Flash, etc. so it can be executed on other platforms; this would allow more flexibilty in the Scratch creations, as well as make Scratch more well known.

i haven't tried Scratch yet, so i can't tell you how it's like; you can just go to their homepage and download it for free.

anyway, now that the olympics are about to end, the world would be setting their eyes on singapore for the youth olympics in 2010. quite pressurizing, since we're the first country to hold such an event, and the country to set the standard for other countries to follow or excel.

sigh, it's raining again. (no, i'm not in the mood for a song) and i know 'army daze' will be showing on tv at 10 tonight, but i don't think i can watch everything, maybe 15 minutes at most. that's the only time you see sheikh haikel bald...lolz.

c'mon, just about 2 more months to go... > <