12 Aug 2008

olympics continue

ok so olympics are going on right now. heh, turns out team singapore only popped out as one of the last ten to 20 teams. how frustrating...

the heats aren't only happening in beijing; currently we are in the exam period, the very hostile period. this annual period of time can drive people crazy. and i mean everyone. students panic for many reasons: didn't study, not confident in passing, afraid to get humiliated etc. and teachers go beserk because they have to set all the questions and mark all the papers, some of them littered with pencil lead marks that don't resemble writing at all. parents go mad just urging their children to study for the sake of their future/family etc.

and guess what? in september, it's end-of-year exams! drives people to the brink of insanity, but at least it's the final sprint. before we start all over again next year. how comforting. maybe that's why the olympics aren't held every year: recovery.

so now i just finished training for history, which is in 2 days. problem is, there's a lot of competition. and it is compulsory to go for this. but who can change this anyway? sigh.

well, i'm going to sleep soon. can't work up a sweat too much, or i'll tire out. how odd, since tommorow there's PE... X(