8 Aug 2008

double celebrations

yay. today's the opening of beijing olympics. i'm watching the ceremony as i'm typing this now, and their performances are damn flawless! everything was so synchronised you can't help but wonder how much effort the performers put in to make this work! in fact, it's actually kinda scary; they are almost like robots...

REPORTING LIVE (starting from now):

right now, they started a new routing, where everybody's moving around big oar-like things, and creating nice patterns with them. it's kinda like simulating admiral cheng-ho exploring asia. for those who had been watching, the scroll-like thing's still there. ooh, now there's the chinese word for tea on the scroll. the boatmen, changed formation, and now there's another person probably acting as cheng-ho, and he's holding the old chinese compass. this is to show one of the many great inventions of china. wow, must be tiring moving those oars all around. ok, now they changed formation again, forming the shape of a boat.

the guy holding the compass is still standing there holding it above his head. he's walking around showing it off to everybody. now, chinese music comes in, and the painting which was halfway drawn (only viewers know what i'm talking about) returns. wow, now there's singing too! not too fond of that kind of singing though. now there's another guy completing another part of the painting, while a hell lot of people synchronise their movements again. huh? suddenly rows of maidens start walking out onto the stage. their costumes are quite elaborate and pretty. can't say the same for all the women themselves though... XP now there are people standing on pedestals carrying another type of instrument, the pipa i think. now the whoel place darkens and dragon pillars emerge beside the illuminated scroll. oh wait, the dragon pillars were the pedestals earlier on! hope the people on them aren't scared of heights! XD ooh, more fireworks! so preeeeeettteeeeeeeeee...

okay, take a break... i know our national day parade cannot even come close to what i saw in those few minutes!

[and we're back]
cool! the scroll is showing off nice pretty rainbow colours, and people on the scroll forming more synchronised movements, all wearing green. lol, they look like aliens! hmmph, why can't we have all this sfx for our ndp? it'd be uber cool! ohh, now the people are walking of the scroll. what the..? their clothes lit up! how the hell did they do that?!? oh, liiks like led lights all over them. they're moving all around, kinda resembling the milky way. now the come back to the scroll, and the lighted clothes start lighting up and turning off, creating some kinda of wave effect. hmm, i see the development of modern china on the scroll: the city, the bird's nest itself, etc. now there is some floating kite, with the girl who was 'singing' earlier (before national anthem) on hanging on to it for dear life. ooh, now the green people have formed a resemblance to the bird's nest. and there's some guy pretending to play the piano. come on, we all know it's a recording.

the lighted people are dispersing and spreading out, leaving the stage...i think. it's quite a good people to give the spectators all the different coloured lights. hmm, now there are martial artists on the stage giving a demonstration of what they are made of. wow, there are people holding boards which reveal the laser projections! very cool. seems ironic, having peaceful and mysterious music accomapnying the martial arts performance. except for taiji. now at the top, there'sa projection of a waterfall surrounding the stadium. oh, now there's a class in the middle of the stage. odd. and they are on the scroll again! omg, a hell lot of people again, this time doing martial arts around the scroll! the class is still going on on top of the scroll, this time the students are painting yet another part of the painting. kungfu + class? oh wait, the martial artists are changing formation, running around frantically. stage changes colour, more kungfu demos.

the schoolkids are packing up, and the place darkens, revealing another projection of very colourful birds at the top ring of the stadium. quite fitting for the bird's nest. now the painting is floating up, showing the kids' effort. whole place darkens, showing floating people -- wait, astronauts, going towards the scroll, now revealing what looks like the earth. the scroll opens again (nice secret platform feature), elevating a dome with people 'stuck' on it (i assume this represents the earth). the people are moving... wtf?!? they are walking on it! and i mean sideways! wait, they are suspended on safety ropes. no wonder... now the globe (not dome) changes to red, then fades away. now there's a couple on the top of the globe performing on of the olympic songs. phew, gives me a break from the action. there are images of athletes in the action. wow, the female singer has such a clear and high voice! freaking high! and she seems to do it so effortlessly. wow! now there are people on the ground opening umbrellas, showing smiling faces of children from arouind the world. and now there are smiley fireworks exploding everywhere! i hardly see smiley fireworks... :(

the place darkens again. the singers are holding hands. more fireworks, this time the golden showers with red and green explosions, with the 'ring of fire' igniting once again. people dressed in ethnic costumes are frolicking on the stage again, filling the whole place with colour.

[second ad]
finally! it's quite a challenge recording all these events when everything's rapidly changing! oh btw, tomorrow my family and i are going to watch the national day parade. hopefully it won't rain.

[back so fast?!? wth]
the place looks so smokey after those fireworks. now all the olympic teams from different countries emerge, carrying their flags. not much happening besides that, except for women in white mini skirts clapping and dancing around, trying to keep the spirit alive. oh wait, now they're bouncing around. eh, now suddenly got bagpipes and drums playing. it will be a long time before singapore comes out...sigh. while i wait, i'll update you on what happened before i started reporting live. at the start, there was a huge crowd of perfomers whacking the tables. it may sound like a simple performance, but it was so spectacular because it was so synchronised, and this shows very well when hundreds of people do it. after a while, they whacked the tables with light sticks, which looked very nice when the whole place suddenly went dark.

argh, we've still a long way to go! anyway, after that, i think it was the little girl 'singing' a song (later seen flown by the kite) while children dressed in ethnic costumes carry the china flag to soldiers, who then hung it onto the pole and flew it.

[commercial break]
then everyone started singing the national anthem. then a video of the manufacturing of a scroll is shown. it ends with the scroll rolling up, then fading away. then the huge scroll reappeared for the first time on the stage, with dancers on the scroll starting the painting.

[and we're back]
and then people dressed as servant to the emperor(i think) did synchronised movements. after that, more people dressed up as printable type, another of china's greatest inventions. the printing blocks start moving up and down, fomring patterns and the word 'he', meaning harmony. at the end, pink flowers start popping out from the top, then pulled down, before the hidden people popped their heads out.

then there was a puppet performance. puppetiers were standing on a big platforms, controlling puppets of 4 generals. as they do so, the huge group of people below move the whole platform around, which must be very tiring! then i think that was about the time i started typing this blog entry.

*DISCLAIMER: my recollection of these earlier events is kinda screwed up, so i cannot guarantee the above information is 100% accurate.

sigh...still no singapore. you know, this is the longest entry i've typed so far, and probably will be for a very long time. i mean, how often does anyone report something live on their blog? (especially when it's more than an hour long) seems that the countries are not coming out in alphabetical order. hong kong came after turkey!

fine, i'll only continue when singapore appears.


a few dozen countries later, and still no singapore! what's going on?!? now the music's changed to chinese music. oh well, wait some more...


nvr mind, it's taking too long. singapore'll probably appear as the last 5. well, this is bryan, signing off.