17 Aug 2008

beijing olympics fever!!!!

wow, everyone's amazed that our table tennis team made it all the way to the finals. right now, they're showing the game live. to me, it's actually just china vs china, but it depends on which china team wins... hmm, currently singapore's leading in the 1st match for women's doubles, but not such a strong lead. there might be some hope! even if we don't win, we're still fine with silver, right? ...uh, right???

this whole week is packed with tests! monday has an essay, tuesday has 2 test, wenesday is chinese, thursday is another test. and friday's my RE presentation. i think... but even then, my group's still not ready.

uh oh, china's tied 8-8. yikes, they overtook s'pore! let's all hope our china - i mean, singapore team wins. seems that they're wearing out, or pressured because there are more people rooting for china than for them.

that's not the only thing i'm worried. as you can clearly see, i have a jam-packed schedule this week and it's driving everyone crazy. and there's also my MEP test the week after. i don't know if i can survive this. even if i do, i won't be able to fathom how i did anyway. some people call it stamina. i would call it weird.

ah well. for english our class has to do a re-enactment of a particular scene in the Shakespearean play "The Merchant of Venice". geez, why did people have to use such a sophisticated language during his time? it pushes readers to the limit!

well, at least the teacher said we can modify the plot a little bit, as long as the essence is still there. but she still wants the elizabethan english spoken. thou hath lost thy marbles...

i preferred To Kill a Mockingbird than this play. at least it's written in something we can all understand without looking at the footnotes every few words to check the meaning! speaking of which, the class will be going to watch the TKaM play on friday. except for a few people. i see this not just as a refresher course on what we learned about the book, but also as a nice short break before my MEP test.

the more disturbing fact is that there's more to come after all these CCTs are done. the CCTs are just the semifinals. the EOY exams are the finals. where we all feel like we are battling against china in the table tennis match.

better get my paddle ready.