28 Aug 2008


at last, the CCTs are over! at least we can all get a breather. a very short holiday is better than no holiday, i guess.

but i still hate the fact that the teachers spammed all the assignments! it's freaking annoying! but this break is still beneficial to all of us: relieving stress improves your sleep, blood circulation, and even complexion.

no wonder students look like zombies, while teachers are pretty or handsome...

24 Aug 2008

olympics end

after a lot of excitement on tv, as well as a lot of missed tv shows, the olympics are finally coming to a close tonight. the closing ceremony may not be as elaborate as the opening ceremony, but at least it's still able to leave a deep impression on all the athletes.

after a mass display performance, it was 'spot the famous athelte' time: i only got a glimpse of Phelps. hmph. once again, i expect singapore to pop up on the tv screen much later.

it's not just the olympics that are coming to a close; the ccts are almost over too! well, most people have already finished, but not for me. there's still a mep test on tuesday.

21 Aug 2008

one last stretch...

i've just taken the bio test today. which leaves the mep test next week for last. yay. at least i finish with something which i'm good in!

but even though the ccts are almost done, the teachers spring up another surprise: 2 more projects! which means, if i'm not wrong, i now have 4 projects + assignments. which pile on top of the end-of-year exams. how nice. to top it of, everyone has to read a chinese book so we can prepare for the book test next year! what won't the teachers come up with next?

i feel so groggy after many weeks of agony. hopefully there's enough time for us to recover and prepare for the final wave. and teacher's day and the september hols will not be enough.

i definitely crave for the december holidays. we all do. kinda like how all ns-men crave for the ROD to come quickly.

17 Aug 2008

beijing olympics fever!!!!

wow, everyone's amazed that our table tennis team made it all the way to the finals. right now, they're showing the game live. to me, it's actually just china vs china, but it depends on which china team wins... hmm, currently singapore's leading in the 1st match for women's doubles, but not such a strong lead. there might be some hope! even if we don't win, we're still fine with silver, right? ...uh, right???

this whole week is packed with tests! monday has an essay, tuesday has 2 test, wenesday is chinese, thursday is another test. and friday's my RE presentation. i think... but even then, my group's still not ready.

uh oh, china's tied 8-8. yikes, they overtook s'pore! let's all hope our china - i mean, singapore team wins. seems that they're wearing out, or pressured because there are more people rooting for china than for them.

12 Aug 2008

olympics continue

ok so olympics are going on right now. heh, turns out team singapore only popped out as one of the last ten to 20 teams. how frustrating...

the heats aren't only happening in beijing; currently we are in the exam period, the very hostile period. this annual period of time can drive people crazy. and i mean everyone. students panic for many reasons: didn't study, not confident in passing, afraid to get humiliated etc. and teachers go beserk because they have to set all the questions and mark all the papers, some of them littered with pencil lead marks that don't resemble writing at all. parents go mad just urging their children to study for the sake of their future/family etc.

and guess what? in september, it's end-of-year exams! drives people to the brink of insanity, but at least it's the final sprint. before we start all over again next year. how comforting. maybe that's why the olympics aren't held every year: recovery.

8 Aug 2008

double celebrations

yay. today's the opening of beijing olympics. i'm watching the ceremony as i'm typing this now, and their performances are damn flawless! everything was so synchronised you can't help but wonder how much effort the performers put in to make this work! in fact, it's actually kinda scary; they are almost like robots...

REPORTING LIVE (starting from now):

right now, they started a new routing, where everybody's moving around big oar-like things, and creating nice patterns with them. it's kinda like simulating admiral cheng-ho exploring asia. for those who had been watching, the scroll-like thing's still there. ooh, now there's the chinese word for tea on the scroll. the boatmen, changed formation, and now there's another person probably acting as cheng-ho, and he's holding the old chinese compass. this is to show one of the many great inventions of china. wow, must be tiring moving those oars all around. ok, now they changed formation again, forming the shape of a boat.

the guy holding the compass is still standing there holding it above his head. he's walking around showing it off to everybody. now, chinese music comes in, and the painting which was halfway drawn (only viewers know what i'm talking about) returns. wow, now there's singing too! not too fond of that kind of singing though. now there's another guy completing another part of the painting, while a hell lot of people synchronise their movements again. huh? suddenly rows of maidens start walking out onto the stage. their costumes are quite elaborate and pretty. can't say the same for all the women themselves though... XP now there are people standing on pedestals carrying another type of instrument, the pipa i think. now the whoel place darkens and dragon pillars emerge beside the illuminated scroll. oh wait, the dragon pillars were the pedestals earlier on! hope the people on them aren't scared of heights! XD ooh, more fireworks! so preeeeeettteeeeeeeeee...

3 Aug 2008


darn. all of a sudden i had this big boil on my nose a few days ago. usually it takes longer for that to happen, but it did anyway, and it freaking hurt like hell! at least now it's subsiding and would probably look normal tomorrow.

well, at least this coming week there's no exam, which means more time to prepare for the rest of them. and there's beijing olympics + ndp. hmm, i think more people would be exicted about the $8m toto draw than the olympics...

right now the school's sorta trying to get everyone in the patriotic mood by playing national day songs during assembly, and it's getting a bit annoying. but who would care anyway? everyone's probably too busy mugging for exams + projects. to think that teachers still want to give assignments during exam period...