14 Jul 2008


phew! all projects have been settled - i think. and now we have a week long break to relax. but with every long break, there would be holiday work. sianz...

well, last night was the ri guitar ensemble concert. we performed at the lee foundation theater at nafa, and we all did very well. considering that most of the sec 1s were all newbies, they were quite good. the rest also sounded good, although some of them did make a few errors.

before the andante ensemble(that's what they call the sec 1 group) went up, the conductor mr francis mentioned 2 things that i found contradictory:

1) enjoy yourself
2) keep quiet!

in case you don't know, the sec 1s are quite a noisy lot when they let loose. they would probably drive any teacher crazy in that state. maybe it's the testosterone in them. whatever the case, they can behave like monkeys.

just like the animals in my classroom.

anyway, the moment we went backstage, everyone was dead silent - almost. there were a few accidents of guitars knocking into each other, which reverberated very clearly around us. this made everyone even more tense and nervous, which was clearly not what was supposed to happen.

when it was our turn to perform, the curtains opened to reveal filled-up rows of audience members cheering at us(maybe because the sec 1s look so mature in the concert attire). when we played, i felt the atmosphere loosening up a bit, and the playing started sounding more natural after a slightly rockt start. songs end, more cheering, and we were out of the stage.

back in the dressing room, the sec 1s filled the whole room with sounds of chatter, as they usually do. there was a tv monitor showing the performers on stage. too bad the music was overpowered by the non-stop talking.

main differences between rise and rige:
in ge, when you make a mistake, they say it's unavoidable to make a mistake, and that you shouldn't think too much about it. in se, when you make a mistake, the conductor scolds you backstage for screwing up the performance.

after the concert, my brother told me that the emcees(not telling who) actually improvised their script, and they were coming up with inside jokes instead. the jokes also seemed to be one-sided. hmm...

well, that's it for now. now to tackle more of the holiday homework. sigh...