17 Jul 2008

gotta speed up

oh. my. god. i just remembered that there's still more homework to do! argh!!! now i have to quickly finish them before i'm screwed when i come back to school... > <

right now i'm at temasek club again, with the same laptop but sitting at a different table. still near the pool, though. later i still have to go to some chinese library and finish up HOLIDAY HOMEWORK. sigh. and after lunch is another practice session with my partner for mep performance. another sigh. and then i have to do the Merchant of Venice Act 2 quiz. big sigh.

what a day. i read the newspaper horoscope today and it said that i would be able to overcome all the work, no matter how overwhelming it is. hope the horoscope's accurate...

my school sure knows how to ruin the school 'holidays'. whenever there's a long break, the teachers assign us online homework. and maybe a project/s, depending on how long the break is. and then once the students have frantically rushed through all the work and returned to school, the headmaster or whoever is making the announcements would say, "i'm sure all of us have been properly rested and recharged after that long and relaxing break."

wow, sounds very convincing to everybody. >:(

and then in the classroom, at least one person per class would have incomplete/unattempted/forgotten homework and get screwed up by the teacher. "you were given such a long break to do all of your work! and yet you say you had no time? that's ridiculous!" says the teacher. maybe not in exact words, but the essence of whatever comes out of their mouths would probably be the same.

well i can't think of anything else to write now. so i'll just end here. and prevent myself from experiencing the teachers' wrath.