27 Jul 2008

boooooooooooooored... -_-

wow, feel so sian right now. but not for long; the tests are coming, and there's no stopping them. i've revised earlier, and i still feel bored. dunno why.

maybe because my bro and i are left alone in the house. my parents went over to my uncle's house to help out in renovation; that place is very old, and it's showing many signs of aging.

even though my cousin just came over, only he gets some entertainment. they usually play monster hunter freedom 2 together(i've tried that game, but got bored of it quickly). i, on the other hand, have spent like and hour just reading garfield comics online...

which is why i'm on this blog. i wouldn't keep that up for the rest of the day.

anyway, on friday my partner and i performed. honestly, it wans't bad. however, i accidentally played one part of the piece wrongly, though i think it went unnoticed. another problem was the piano itself. it usually swallows 10 to 20% of the notes you play on it. missing notes were inevitable for everyone who had to play on it on that day, including me.

my partner, on the other hand, significantly improved his performance from the last time we practised. he managed to improved his intonation, and he kept to the tempo throughout the piece. but he was still in doubt after the performance, which i guess is natural.

oh well, time to continue being sian for the rest of the day. oh, and tonight i'm going to watch elektra. not that i'm into superheroines that balance fighting with fashion...