27 Jul 2008

boooooooooooooored... -_-

wow, feel so sian right now. but not for long; the tests are coming, and there's no stopping them. i've revised earlier, and i still feel bored. dunno why.

maybe because my bro and i are left alone in the house. my parents went over to my uncle's house to help out in renovation; that place is very old, and it's showing many signs of aging.

even though my cousin just came over, only he gets some entertainment. they usually play monster hunter freedom 2 together(i've tried that game, but got bored of it quickly). i, on the other hand, have spent like and hour just reading garfield comics online...

which is why i'm on this blog. i wouldn't keep that up for the rest of the day.

21 Jul 2008


saturday i received my diploma exam results. i was unsure of what to expect; i would already be happy if i passed. i took out the paper in the envelope and...


sorry if i killed any suspense there. however, when i looked again, i realised i got distinction by just 2 marks. then i wondered if the examiner was being lenient to me; any stricter and no distinction for me. yikes...

17 Jul 2008

gotta speed up

oh. my. god. i just remembered that there's still more homework to do! argh!!! now i have to quickly finish them before i'm screwed when i come back to school... > <

right now i'm at temasek club again, with the same laptop but sitting at a different table. still near the pool, though. later i still have to go to some chinese library and finish up HOLIDAY HOMEWORK. sigh. and after lunch is another practice session with my partner for mep performance. another sigh. and then i have to do the Merchant of Venice Act 2 quiz. big sigh.

what a day. i read the newspaper horoscope today and it said that i would be able to overcome all the work, no matter how overwhelming it is. hope the horoscope's accurate...

14 Jul 2008


phew! all projects have been settled - i think. and now we have a week long break to relax. but with every long break, there would be holiday work. sianz...

well, last night was the ri guitar ensemble concert. we performed at the lee foundation theater at nafa, and we all did very well. considering that most of the sec 1s were all newbies, they were quite good. the rest also sounded good, although some of them did make a few errors.

10 Jul 2008

more pixels!

sigh.. dunno what else to post today, so i just put up my latest pixel creations. this time i used smileys.